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Laser Tag on Wheels. Your personal battle robot

Technical Specifications


55" x 44" x 63" x 485 lbs (140cm x 110cm x 160cm x 220kgs)


8 x Batteries DC 24 Volt rechargeable

Charger Input

110v - 220v

CYBORBOTS™, Laser Tag on Wheels

This is CYBORBOTS™, Laser Tag on Wheels, a personal battle robot that you pilot and take on your opponents. Anyone 6 years or older can use them and have fun with them!

The participants sit inside the CYBORBOTS™, where they have full control of the motion using two joysticks to move forward, back, and full 360 degree turn. In addition, there are two triggers on the joysticks that fire the lasers guns and plasma cannons.

Each CYBORBOT™ has multiple sensor receivers installed on the exterior; these are the sensors that your opponent attempts to hit and you attempt to shield with your defensive maneuvers. Will you be faster and avoid to get hit?

Safety -together with fun- is our main focus. That is why each CYBORBOT™ has anti collision radar sensors installed, so there is no bumping into other CYBORBOTS™ or into the arena sides.

CYBORBOTS™ have two multi function LED score displays that show the score and the game time. The game time is adjustable and can be set at whatever duration you wish, and they come with very cool futuristic sound effects! It is impossible not to grab everyone’s attention with CYBORBOTS™, Laser Tag on Wheels.

Pricing Information

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