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Redneck Games + Bull Combo

Two great games in one affordable package: a 4 player game and a rodeo bull!

Technical Specifications

Power Requirements

110-240 volts single phase drawing 12-16 amps

Operating Footprint

24’ x 24’ x 10' headroom / 7.2m. x 7.2m. x 3m. headroom

Total Weight of System

1,070lbs. / 485kg.

Shipping Dimensions

1 crate @ 62” x 62” x 57” x 1300lbs. (155cm. x 155cm. x 145cm. x 590 kg.) and 1 pallet @ 42" x 42" x 60" x 160lbs. (107cm. x 107cm. x 152cm. x 73kg.)

Redneck Games Bull Combo

As you may already know, Galaxy’s Multi Ride system is more than just a bull. We have more than 60 different ride attachments that can be used in the same motion system. One of our best selling games is the Redneck Games Log Slammer and we are now offering an amazing deal: the Redneck Games Bull Combo!

You can now get the Redneck Games system and a bull body attachment combo, so you get two great games in one affordable package.

The Redneck Games Log Slammer is a unique fun game for the whole family, and everyone instantly “gets” the concept as they associate it with the famous TV show.

When you feel like a change of ride it will only take you 3-4 min to swap the log for the bull attachment: now you can have a Rodeo party!

Because we make everything in house, we can customize the game to your specifications. We manufacture another 4 options of our multi player action game:

Any of the Redneck Games series can be made in any color combination.

The Redneck Games + Bull Combo comes complete with:

  • 19’ x 19’ (5.7m. x 5.7m.) themed inflatable
  • Four detachable foam podiums
  • The Log Slammer attachment
  • The Bull attachment
  • The High Profile motion base with buck, roll & spin motion
  • The control console has 6 pre-set automatic programs, with a dedicated program for the Redneck Games. There are 2 LED clocks & a 10 speed manual joystick control
  • A 1.5hp. B-Air blower
  • A comprehensive five year warranty*


Pricing Information

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