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Toxic Twister

An adrenaline pumping game that can be now yours.

Technical Specifications

Power Requirements

110-240 volts single phase drawing 12-16 amps

Operating Footprint

30’ x 30’ / 9m. x 9m.

Total Weight of System

980 lbs. / 445kg.

Toxic Twister

Toxic Twister made its international debut at IAAPA 2015, and you are going to love it!

Toxic Twister is an adrenaline pumping game where the players have to negotiate their way across four 5′ tall elevated walkways.

Between these walkways there are two spinning discs. The player has to stand on the first disc and make the leap to the rear platform.

From there they jump the void that divides the rear platforms, and finally they have to jump the chasm to the final spinning disc.

Incorporating the innovative safety Zero Shock safety cushion technology, ensures that when the players fall from height they do so safely.

Toxic Twister is a game that demands speed, agility, judgement and daring. Dare you attempt to take the Toxic Twister challenge? Using your speed and agility to successfully negotiate the spinning discs, you will need to use your judgement to decide when is the right time to make that jump.

It doesn’t only look impressive and fun, it actually is. What are you waiting for to order yours?

Toxic Twister comes complete with:

  • 1 x Inflatable 28′ x 23′ x 15′ tall at the back wall
  • 2 x Motion bases at 28″ x 28″ x 84″ tall x 380 lbs. It comes with four wheels.
  • 1 x Control Console
  • 2 x Spinning discs at 48″ diameter, they attach exactly the same way all our attachments do
  • 2 x 2 HP blowers


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