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Technical Specifications

Power Requirements

110-240 volts single phase drawing 8-13 amps

Operating Footprint

18’ x 20’ x 10' headroom / 5.4m. x 6m. x 3m. headroom

Total Weight of System

660lbs. / 299kg.

Shipping Dimensions

1 crate @ 62” x 62” x 57” x 800lbs. / 155cm. x 155cm. x 145cm. x 362kg.

Deluxe Surf Machine – Robo Surfer

Since we invented the surf machine in 1990, the Deluxe Surf machine has been a firm favorite with our customers for many years. As with all of our multi ride systems, it offers a wide choice of options. You can buy it with our low walled themed inflatable or with the impressive Big Wave inflatable.

The Deluxe Surf machine system gives you the Deluxe control console with 3 pre-set automatic programs, a 10 speed joystick control and 2 LED time clocks, allowing easier operation as well as the ability to time riders for competition.

The surfboard attachment comes with a padded safety board cover, along with the low walled themed inflatable.

The lightweight electric motion base offers a very exciting and challenging ride with pitch, roll & yaw (side to side) motion.

The Deluxe Surf machine comes complete with:

  • The Deluxe electric Low Profile motion base with pitch, roll & yaw (side to side) motion
  • The Deluxe electric control console with 3 pre-set automatic programs, 2 LED clocks & a 10 speed manual joystick control
  • The 15’ x 15’  (4.5m. x 4.5m.) low walled themed inflatable
  • An electric 1hp. B-Air blower
  • The surfboard attachment with a padded safety cover
  • A comprehensive five year warranty*


Surf Board TC Certified New Jersey

Pricing Information

Galaxy-Low-Wall-Surf-Attachment for sale

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