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Email Marketing Secrets to Boost Amusement Business Profits

Email marketing is an effective form of online marketing, but there are secrets to doing it right. Creating an email message to use in an email marketing campaign is not very hard, but convincing people to open email marketing messages is, because online scammers also use email to spread their junk mail around the internet. ...

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If You Could Only Purchase ONE Galaxy Game….

….Which Game Would it Be? We get this question all the time, and to be honest, it is a hard one for us to answer. We love all of our games and we are constantly striving to invent new and even more innovative ones for the entertainment industry. So answering that question can be pretty ...

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Multiplayer Action Games Are Perfect for Any Event

In the world of inflatable games and amusement rides, there are many different categories that appeal to all different types of clients. Some games are more popular in some areas than others. There has been a lot of debate in the industry surrounding the demand for redneck games and the next generation of action games ...

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We’re Working On It

Unfortunately, we are experiencing some technical difficulties with our phone system. If you have tried to call our office from a landline and it hasn’t connected or has given you a busy tone, can you please send an email to with when you tried to call and from what phone number? The problems seem ...

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Finding the Right Amusement Rides for Sale

If you are in the business of renting out amusement rides and inflatable games, you always want to be aware of the new upcoming games each year. This requires a fair amount of research although the research can just be simplified by joining some of the forums and Facebook groups. And also signing up for ...

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