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Sofolex - Soft Foam Safety Head

Our pioneering innovative Soft Foam Safety head made from Sofolex

Soft Foam Safety Head

One of our greatest innovations is the Sofolex Soft Foam Safety head for the Galaxy mechanical rodeo bull.

The soft head bull is made from Sofolex™, a soft foam material which is coated in a hard wearing flexible poly skin. This new safety innovation on our mechanical rodeo bulls totally eradicates the potential of all impact injuries and cuts insurance by 65%-75% worldwide.

The Soft Foam Safety head for mechanical rodeo bulls is moulded in a realistic design and has integral LED flashing eyes.

The horns are also made from Sofolex inside a vinyl sleeve that is removable if needed, and we are the only company to offer this feature. This means the horns are extremely durable, so no more phone calls ordering new horns because they have been ripped or torn off by a rider.

We are the only company that can offer the Sofolex Soft Foam Safety head. Other companies have yet again copied us, but failed to deliver the quality of our safety innovation. Make sure that your Mechanical Bull has a true Soft Foam Safety Head, not a hollow moulded plastic head that will not prevent impact injuries.

Can you pinch and squeeze your hoft head? If the answer is no, then it isn’t a Soft Foam Safety Head made with Sofolex (see photo).

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