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Mechanical Rodeo Rudolph Reindeer

Mechanical Rodeo Rudolph Reindeer

It is finally here: the attachment you’ve been asking for has finally arrived, and it’s looking astounding!

The Mechanical Rodeo Rudolph Reindeer is making his debut on 2015 Christmas and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to bring joy and happiness during the holiday season, while increasing your product range and your earning potential.

Festivals, malls, private parties… Everyone wants to ride with Rudolph to the Christmas Wonderland. Don’t disappoint them: bring the Mechanical Rodeo Rudolph Reindeer and tons of smiles to your town this holiday season.

The Mechanical Rodeo Rudolph Reindeer has a Sofolex soft foam safety head and real cowhide, and, let’s admit it, it looks amazing!

Anybody walking by would stop immediately to jump on Rudolph and fly with Santa. Who wouldn’t want to join Santa to deliver this year’s presents? There are hundreds of possibilities for you to market this new attachment, the Mechanical Rodeo Rudolph Reindeer.

As with all of our multi ride attachments, the Mechanical Rodeo Rudolph Reindeer is quick and easy to attach to the electric motion base, offering you the ability to turn your multi ride in to a total entertainment system.

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