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BBC America Bulldog

Meet Lord Humphrey, BBC America's star of SXSW

BBC America Mechanical Rodeo Bulldog

BBC America is the British entertainment voice in the United States.

For the world famous SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, the BBC America team wanted something uniquely British, but embracing the American spirit.

The concept of Lord Humphrey, the British Bulldog that acted like a mechanical bull, was the prefect fit for the roadhouse themed BBC America area. This was one of our most detailed sculpts that we have undertaken, and the results are incredible.

Lord Humphrey, the Mechanical Rodeo Bulldog, came complete with a BBC America collar with his name engraved.

Toni Short, of BBC America, wrote to us to share: “The public loved the bulldog. We had a lot of buzz and it’s all over social media, even the news! We want to send a huge thank you in helping us make this event a massive success.” This says it all. Thank you, BBC America!

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