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If You Could Only Purchase ONE Galaxy Game….

….Which Game Would it Be? We get this question all the time, and to be honest, it is a hard one for us to answer. We love all of our games and we are constantly striving to invent new and even more innovative ones for the entertainment industry. So answering that question can be pretty ...

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Multiplayer Action Games Are Perfect for Any Event

In the world of inflatable games and amusement rides, there are many different categories that appeal to all different types of clients. Some games are more popular in some areas than others. There has been a lot of debate in the industry surrounding the demand for redneck games and the next generation of action games ...

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Electronic Shooting Games are a Sure Hit in 2016

Shooting games have always been popular. Whether we talk about the old school shooting galleries at fairs and carnivals or the modern first person shooter games on popular video game consoles, we have always loved the challenge of a shooting match. Electronic shooting games are not exactly new. They have been around for a while ...

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Amusement Rides for Sale – Mechanical Bull Riding is More Popular Than Ever!

If you’re searching for a new amusement ride to add to your amusement property, why not consider a mechanical bull-riding machine? Mechanical bulls are more than just redneck games—they are a fun way to experience the unique experience of riding a bucking animal. Mechanical bull riding is quite popular nowadays. So, why not browse a ...

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