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Used Mechanical Bulls for Sale

We are always being asked for used mechanical bulls, and since we have thousands of customers worldwide, one of them may be wanting to sell theirs.

If you are looking to sell your used mechanical bull or mechanical surf machine, please get in touch by email or telephone with details of what you have.

If you have photos, we will put the details and photos of your used mechanical bull or multi ride system on our website for the whole world to see! We will deal with any make of bull (see terms & conditions of sale for used bulls), however all used bulls featured on this website will be sold as per the description by the seller*.

Our Charges

There is no charge for listing your used mechanical bull or multi ride system for sale on our site. However, there will be a 10% finder’s fee payable to us in the event of a successful sale. This fee will be paid by the seller. If you are looking to trade your bull for one of our new bulls, then we will reimburse you the finder’s fee less any out of pocket expenses.

Please note we are only able to offer full servicing and refurbishment of our own brand of mechanical bulls; unfortunately we cannot repair VIV, Williams, Solo, GS, All American, Rockin B, Gillies, Chinese copies or any hydraulic bulls.

Current Mechanical Bulls for Sale

 Manufacturer Galaxy America
 Age 3 Years – NEW Inflatable – New Bull Head – New Bull Hide
 Description Galaxy America Used Bull:

  • 16ft Stars & Stripes or brown and tan inflatable.
  • Control Console with 6 Automatic Programs.
  • Blower included.
  • 3 Month Warranty
 Condition Great – REFURBISHED – Looks like new
 Price Contact Us $9,999 – SOLD. Looking for a mechanical bull on a budget? Click here.

*Terms and conditions

  1. All used mechanical bulls offered for sale on this website have no warranty actual or implied.
  2. The description herein is by the seller.
  3. It is the seller’s legal obligation to describe the used mechanical bull in truthful and correct manner.
  4. It is the buyer’s responsibility to take every precaution to ensure he/she is happy with what they purchase.
  5. Al used goods are bought as is.
  6. Once a price has been agreed by both parties the seller will pay Galaxy America Inc. and Big Sky Leisure 10% of the final sales price (net of any sales tax).
  7. Upon receipt of payment we will put both parties in touch with each other to finalize the deal.
  8. Galaxy America Inc. & Big Sky Leisure Limited has no liability whatsoever.
  9. Galaxy America Inc. & Big Sky Leisure Limited will not endorse or approve any used goods listed on our website, unless stated otherwise in writing.