When you’re planning the purchase of a mechanical bull, there are a number of things you want to look at. Mechanical Bull Prices are important but so are a lot of other things.

First and foremost is the quality of the mechanical bull you are purchasing.  Where was it made?  Where are the parts?  What kind of freight costs will you be responsible for?  Who does warranty work?  We’ve heard of many a company who purchase a cheap mechanical bull from China, only to find out that 1) They had to find a broker to get the bull into the country and 2) They had to pay a fortune in freight costs and brokerage fees to actually get the bull to their place of business.

And of course, if your bull is manufactured in another country, who does the warranty work?  Do you have to ship your bull overseas?  Are the parts overseas also?  If you have an event on Saturday night and your bull breaks on Thursday, can an overseas company help you at all?

Galaxy prides itself on a mechanical bull that has ALL the safety features, fair pricing and EXCELLENT Customer Service.  Since Galaxy is manufactured right here in the United States, they are available to handle your problems without the hassle of time change or long distance for parts.

Galaxy also has one of the few mechanical rodeo bulls in the USA that is easy to insure.  Due to their innovative safety features, you won’t be sitting with a mechanical bull that you can’t use due to insurance issues.  And they can direct you to the best company for your insurance needs.

Manufactured in Port Charlotte, FL, Galaxy’s Mechanical Bull Prices have been stable for the past few years, even with the addition of all the new safety features.  Since Galaxy also manufacturers Mechanical Rodeo Bulls in the UK, European clients can get the same safety features, customer service and mechanical bull prices, found by American operators.

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