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Amusement Rides for Sale – Mechanical Bull Riding is More Popular Than Ever!


If you're searching for a new amusement ride to add to your amusement property, why not consider a mechanical bull-riding machine? Mechanical bulls are more than just redneck games—they are a fun way to experience the unique experience of riding a bucking animal. Mechanical bull riding is quite popular nowadays. So, why not browse a variety of mechanical bull amusement rides for sale and choose one for your amusement business? What is a mechanical bull ride? A mechanical bull replicates the sensation of riding a bucking animal, such as a horse or a rodeo bull. This recreational machine is typically powered [...]

Amusement Rides for Sale – Mechanical Bull Riding is More Popular Than Ever!2015-09-09T17:59:38+00:00

Tips for Getting the Most from IAAPA 2014


For most of us in the entertainment industry, IAAPA is the start of the new year. It’s that time when you sit down and look at the type and amount of business you did in the past year, and make plans for the direction you want your business to grow in the future. Before you ever leave for the show you need to know which direction your business should grow. If you have done backyard parties in the past, it might be time to buy interactive inflatables so that you can look for larger events. If you are already doing larger [...]

Tips for Getting the Most from IAAPA 20142014-11-06T22:56:41+00:00

Final Post in Our Series of Instagram Marketing


This is our final post on how to use Instagram to market your Mechanical Bull or Entertainment business.  Hopefully you’re already using what you’ve learned and are seeing the results that can come by using this form of social media. Here are a few more tips that will help you achieve some great results from your marketing campaign. There is no question that the internet is an extremely visual place.  Years ago it was only content that really counted but things have changed dramatically in the past couple of years.  Here are a few tips to help you get the very [...]

Final Post in Our Series of Instagram Marketing2014-09-03T20:41:39+00:00

Operating Your Mechanical Bull Safely is the Best Way to Build Your Business


Years ago, when people heard anyone mention a mechanical bull, they immediately thought of the old style hydraulic bulls surrounded by a bed of hay.  Things have come a long way since then!  Now days the new multi ride mechanical bulls are built with safety in mind.  And when operated correctly, a mechanical bull is one of the best amusement attractions at virtually any type of event. As in most cases, just simply skipping a  safety step causes many accidents; 1)   Letting someone ride who the operator suspects might have been drinking 2)   Following the crowds wish to spin someone faster [...]

Operating Your Mechanical Bull Safely is the Best Way to Build Your Business2014-07-02T18:14:52+00:00

Nightclub & Promotion Ideas: What’s Next after Buying a Mechanical Rodeo Bull?


Have you already bought your very own mechanical bull? If so, great! A mechanical bull allows you to create all sorts of neat nightclub & bar promotion and events in, around, and beyond your place of business. After taking a few spins on the bull, however, you may wonder what is next. In this article, we will talk about how you can keep your investment of your amusement rides fresh and fun. Whether you have just bought a bull, or have owned one for years, anyone can get new ideas from these tips. Order a Few Attachments Attachments are a fantastic [...]

Nightclub & Promotion Ideas: What’s Next after Buying a Mechanical Rodeo Bull?2014-06-09T14:15:25+00:00

Manufacturing a Mechanical Rodeo Bull

2014-01-15T12:29:05+00:00 MultiView presents, Good Company, a groundbreaking new web documentary about the spirit of American entrepreneurship. This is the episode trailer for Galaxy Multi Rides, a family operated business on the Florida gulf coast that has the unique job of supplying the world with mechanical bulls and other amusement attractions.

Manufacturing a Mechanical Rodeo Bull2014-01-15T12:29:05+00:00

27 New Attachments now NJ Certified!


As you may know, particularly those of you who already own our mechanical bulls, we have had type certification on our Bull system for many years. We are delighted to announce that we now have a new type certification for a wide selection of additional themed ride attachments (the complete list is below) Now you can add any of the exciting themed ride attachments to your existing Multi Ride system, thus allowing you to offer more choice to your customers and increase your profits. The Shark Attack or Killer Whale would be a huge hit at the Jersey Shore. Although Halloween [...]

27 New Attachments now NJ Certified!2013-07-16T05:32:09+00:00

Buy a Mechanical Bull! 0% Interest free credit for 18 months!


Its the same old problem; You know that the piece of equipment you want is going to pay for itself. You just don't want to damage your cash flow, so what do you do? Galaxy America are pleased to announce that we can now offer 0% APR interest free payments over 18 months. Allowing you to spread the cost of your new Mechanical Bull Multi Ride System over the 18 months. For example: Regular Bull System: $15,999 18 monthly payments $888.83 Interest Paid: $0 Total Price Paid $15,999 One months payment can be less than a 4-6 hour rental income, why [...]

Buy a Mechanical Bull! 0% Interest free credit for 18 months!2013-07-16T05:09:59+00:00

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