If you want to boost your business in 2015, why not consider junping onto the new “WipeOut Games” craze. Of course we do things a little differently but there is no doubt that the Galaxy Wipeout Style games are every bit as challenging as the ones you see on tv. These games are an absolutely way to make a whole log of money!

Toxic Rampage is the world’s first fully portable obstacle course modules that include mechanical elements along with some great inflatable challenges. What is the possibility of clients wanting to try your version of a Wipeout game or an American Ninja Warrior event. These are the type of games that keep clients coming back again and again.

The Toxic Rampage game is everything you need it to be: attractive, unique, and portable! Each modular section is just 15 feet x 15 feet square; so it can easily be set up by two people. Modules can be combined in any configuration whether you have 3, 6 or even 12 modules: every unique set up is it’s own complete course!

The Meltdown Mountain is 25’ x 15’. The Galaxy Toxic Rampage can be configured to create a system that can be as a compact as a 30’ x 15’ system up to the ultimate system that would be 130’ x 15’.

Four of the modules incorporate both inflatable and mechanical obstacle challenges and 4 modules have inflatable challenges. This is called our ‘run through’ game, in which two players start and race through the game to see who gets to the end first. Once they have got through the second to last module the operator can start another pair of players, this allows a continuous flow of players making this a high capacity games, which means it has a huge earning potential for you.

Learn more about Toxic Rampage and its 7 different modules here, and do not hesitate to call us for more information.