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Board Rides

Information on our range of Board Rides: surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. Do it all!

Deluxe Surf Machine

Since inventing the mechanical surf machine in 1990, the Deluxe Surf / Robo Surfer has been a popular addition to any party. Challenge your clients with Galaxy’s board rides.

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Regular Surf Machine

Take to the waves without going to the beach with the Regular Surf machine. Make your next beach party epic with Galaxy’s amazing board rides.

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Double Surf Machine – Wipeout!

The ultimate surf machine contest! Two boards, two riders, but only 1 winner! That’s our board ride Wipeout! The dueling surf machine to make your events double fun!

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Triple Surf Machine – Tri-Board

With the Tri-Board get THREE mechanical surfboards side by side on an even gianter Big Wave inflatable. Three riders. One control console. But there can only be ONE winner!

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Xtreme Board Combo – 3 extreme board sports in one game!

Xtreme Board Combo brings the 3 best action board rides sports into one versatile portable game! Perfect for the teenage parties. Surf, snow, skate, or all three: it’s your choice!

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Big Wave – upgrade your inflatable!

Give your Surf Machine / Robo Surfer that extra visual impact with the incredible Big Wave inflatable. Your board ride won’t be missed with this incredible inflatable!

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