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Mechanical Bulls, Galaxy Ninja Courses, Inflatable Parks & More From Galaxy Multi Rides!

Attract new customers and increase revenues with spectacular thrill rides, family friendly games & mechanical bull challenges. Galaxy Multi Rides is the industry leader in all things amusement. From top quality surf simulators that challenge 1, 2 or 3 riders at a time to obstacle courses & inflatable indoor parks that fill entire buildings, your custom business concept can be realized!

Custom Entertainment Solutions

Inflatables for party & event rental businesses, attraction centers & trampoline parks are just the beginning. Buy the Adrenalator® for a multiplayer endurance challenge. Buy Mechanical Bulls for a crowd-pleasing entertainment solution. Invest in an 8-player trampoline action game that can pay for itself in 6 weeks or less! No matter what kind of rides & games your business needs, Galaxy Multi Rides can customize the size, color, branding & more to fit your specifications.

Outstanding Safety & Quality

Galaxy Multi Rides has become the leading amusement ride manufacturer by focusing on quality & safety! Each product is made in their US or UK factory. By never outsourcing or skimping on material quality, Galaxy Multi Rides has earned top ratings from mechanical bulls & multi rides insurance providers. Along with an amazing reputation for quality, Galaxy Multi Rides provides unsurpassed customer service before and after your purchase. From routine maintenance to safety training for your new employees, you’ll be covered when you partner with Galaxy Multi Rides.

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Mechanical Bulls / Attachments

We’re the original, don’t trust a knock off! Our Mechanical Bull Rides will give your customers the thrills they demand and the excitement they love. Fully customizable mechanical bull or other attachment makes everyone smile. Your business has never seen the ROI potential that can be generated from this fierce and addictive bull riding experience. Take the Bull by the Horns Now!

Interactive Actions Games

Upgrade the excitement and boost sales revenue with amazing interactive action games and competitive multiplayer challenges. Become the envy of your competition by offering exclusive sports themed games, custom fitness challenges, competitive racing games and more. Upgrade Now!

Galaxy Ninja™ Courses

Tough Mudder, Ninja Warrior and similar have nothing on our specialized Galaxy Ninja™ Courses. Mobile and static options abound, offering business owners a way to broaden their inventory of interactive fun while attracting new customers. . Our motorized adventure warrior courses are your solution to long-term growth and consistent demand. Accept your challenge today!

Inflatable Parks

Inflatable Parks are increasing in popularity and creating business opportunities in towns across the globe. Though how can you stand out from the crowd, beating the competitor down the street? Let the Galaxy Multi Rides team create a unique and custom experience for you, drawing in the customers by word of mouth alone. With unsurpassed quality and durability see why we are the leaders.


Attract new customers and excite your existing ones with a unique obstacle course challenge.  With America Ninja Warrior sweeping the world, now is the time. Adrenalator® is the perfect addition to your business with ease of mobility and custom branding options. Offering a competitive fitness challenge will make you stand out among your competition. Boosting your profits has never been so fun. Get the adrenaline pumping now!

Board Rides

Don’t just ride the wave, create you own by taking your business to the next level of awesome with our extreme board rides and surf simulators. Imagine the free word of mouth and profitable repeat business you will generate by having a skateboard, snowboard or surfboard simulator challenge to entertain your customers on demand. Get Boarding Now!

Promotional & Custom Rides

Amplify your business with custom inflatables, competitive obstacle courses and themed bounce houses. By appealing to a larger customer base, your business will thrive with extra income potential and repeat customers. Unlimited customization options allow your inflatables to advertise your brand in a fun, interactive way. Inflate Your Profits Now!


Inflate your revenues and buy commercial-grade inflatables for your leisure industry business. Portable obstacle courses, water bounce houses & inflatable tents are just a few ways your business can offer more excitement to customers. Challenging multiplayer obstacle courses & custom bounce houses are the perfect addition for your indoor party place or outdoor attraction center. Galaxy Multi Rides can customize any commercial inflatable to a specific size, color pattern, ride combination & branding needs. Choose the best inflatables manufacturer in the industry and maximize your profits now!

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No matter where your business is located, Galaxy Multi Rides is here to provide you quality customer service, industry leading warranties and custom entertainment solutions.

When you finance or buy commercial amusement equipment from us, you receive high quality parts manufactured to surpass top safety standards. The return on investment can quickly pay for your new entertainment equipment giving you an endless revenue stream for years to come. Let our sales team provide you customized pricing and information now!