Mechanical Bull Insurance Options

Galaxy Multi Rides Approved Providers

Safety is everybody’s major concern, here at Galaxy Multi Rides we go to great lengths to ensure that our products are the safest on the market. We work with the industry’s largest insurance providers to ensure you the customer can obtain the best coverage for your games.

Don’t forget to visit our Safety and Training page to read the manuals and see our set up and operation videos. You and all your staff members know how to operate your Galaxy Multi Ride. You will also be able to complete our Safety Test, once answered correctly, a Certificate of Training is issued which can then be given to your insurance company.

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USA Mechanical Bull Insurance Companies

Zodiac Insurance Services, Inc.
Tel: (856) 396 6500

Leavitt Recreation Insurance
Damian Petty
Tel: (253) 531 4470

Cossio Insurance Agency
Tammy Dyer
Tel: (864) 688 0121

UK Mechanical Bull Insurance Companies

Bounce Insure
William Imber
Tel: (01342) 327 250

Tel: (01993) 700 761

FML Insurance
Tel: (01702) 225 440

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When you finance or buy commercial amusement equipment from us, you receive high quality parts manufactured to surpass top safety standards. The return on investment can quickly pay for your new entertainment equipment giving you an endless revenue stream for years to come. Let our sales team provide you customized pricing and information now!