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Inflatable Park FAQ

We get it, there are a LOT of questions when it comes to Galaxy Inflatable Parks. So we’ve complied a list of common questions thats we get. If you feel like we’ve missed something then please fill out a contact form and get in touch with us

We’ll cover how you can finance your purchase, the return on investment our customers can expect, our industry leading warranty & more! With Galaxy Multi Rides, we want to be as transparent as possible.

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The space required for a Galaxy Inflatable Park is only limited by the size of the building and budget you want to spend.

Ideally we would not recommend a stand alone Inflatable Park to be any less than 5,000 sq feet (464 m2).

If you are looking to install an Inflatable Park in an existing location such as a Trampoline Park as a complementary attraction we can design a park as small as 3,000 sq feet (279 m2).

The taller the ceiling height the better, anything over 20′ (6m) is perfect, 16′-18′ (5.2m-5.8m) is not too bad.

Once you go below that the choice of some attractions is restricted. That being said, we have installed an Inflatable Park that had 12′ cellings (3.65m)

The installation time is dependant on the size of the Inflatable park. A 5,000 sq foot (464 m2) Inflatable park can be installed in one to two days, a 20,000 sq foot (1859 m2) installation would take up to seven days dependent on which mechanical attractions are included.

Each Inflatable Parks power consumption will vary according to the size.

During the design process we provide the client with the estimated power consumption and layout plan for all the power outlets.

Each of our machines runs of two domestic plugs, that’s all! One for the motion base and one for the blower ranging from 110V to 240V single phase depending on where you are in the world.

One of the major strengths of Galaxy Inflatable Parks is that they are highly adaptable and you’re able to change/swap attractions out to keep your park looking and feeling fresh.

Yes! Each Galaxy Inflatable Park comes with a 1 year limited ex-works warranty, repair kits and a operational manuals

Problems are very rare, but if you are unlucky to have an issue, then we have the resources to get you going quickly. Just call us or email us at

Yes we can!

With us being in the industry for over 31 years, both operating and manufacturing, we have established some great relationships with insurance companies.

This will depend on the size of the Inflatable Park, the average return on investment (ROI) is less than 18 months.

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