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Galaxy Multi Rides has been manufacturing the most innovative, reliable, and safest Mechanical Bull systems and attachments since 1990. We are the original innovators of the Multi Ride system. Always striving to create new products for our clients which will boost their profits. We’re the only place you should go to buy mechanical bulls, all the others are simply impostors.

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All our products, including the world famous Mechanical Bulls, are manufactured in-house at either our US or UK manufacturing facilities, giving us complete control over the quality & safety of our products. Our extensive warranty on all new products reinforces the confidence we have in the quality of our amusement industry product lineup.

Dedicated to Safety

At Galaxy Multi Rides, our dedication to safety made us the first company to develop the soft foam safety mechanical bull head utilizing our own Sofolex™ compound. From this we were able to create a tough, durable multi ride attachment that is still soft enough to eliminate impact injuries. Multiple automatic mechanical ride programs are designed by our safety experts to ensure riders of all skill levels can safely compete for the best time! Our automatic stop sensors immediately halt the action when the rider falls onto the commercial grade, inflatable safety floor. All Galaxy Multi Rides Mechanical Bulls are recognised as the safest by all major insurance companies.

Mechanical Bulls are one of the highest money-making attractions in the leisure industry today. Through worldwide sales, we have seen first-hand how our customers are able to realize the earning power of a multi ride system in as little as 6 -12 months.

All our Mechanical Bull multi rides are fully customizable to enhance your leisure entertainment business or special events you want to promote. We offer more than 60 ride attachments, making your new Mechanical Multi Ride more versatile than ever.

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Mechanical Bull Multi Rides

Galaxy Manufacturing Facilities

With great success comes individuals trying to shoot you down. To give you, the customer, a better insight of how your mechanical bull is made, and where, we decided to take some photos of us at work.

BEWARE of Mechanical Bull from China

Recently we have noticed a steady increase in phone calls from potential customers asking the difference between our machines and the ones from China.

Galaxy Multi-Rides Video Gallery

See our multi rides in action! Visit the videos page to view games, products, see our facility and hear from our happy customers.

Multi Ride Attachments for Mechanical Bulls

Galaxy Multi Rides offers over 60 multi ride attachments for you to customize your mechanical bull base and increase your customer base. From seasonal to animals and sports to custom attachments, we have the ride accessories to match your needs!

Animals: We offer the world-famous traditional bull and bulls for kids along with other exciting animal options like sharks, dolphins, whales, bears, gators and more.

Action and Sports: Appeal to your fans with helmets, soccer balls, footballs & more! Thrill seekers will love the surf board, skateboard, snowboard and custom action sports attachments.

Seasonal and Holiday: Want to promote your multi ride system for the holiday season? We offer seasonal attachments like the Jack-O Lantern, Spider, Zombie, Reindeer, and other holiday themed rides.

Check out our full inventory below or contact us to discuss your custom multi ride attachment options now!

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No matter where your business is located, Galaxy Multi Rides is here to provide you quality customer service, industry leading warranties and custom entertainment solutions.

When you finance or buy commercial amusement equipment from us, you receive high quality parts manufactured to surpass top safety standards. The return on investment can quickly pay for your new entertainment equipment giving you an endless revenue stream for years to come. Let our sales team provide you customized pricing and information now!