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Triple Surf Machine. The Tri-Board


Prepare to be amazed! We already created Wipeout! -Galaxy’s double surf board-, but now we bring you the triple surf machine: THREE mechanical surfboards side by side on an even gianter Big Wave inflatable. Three riders. One control console. But there can only be ONE winner!

Based on our Deluxe Surf system, the Tri-Board is a new and fun challenge to play against your friends.

The three mechanical surfboards operate in total synchronization, so the three riders are going to experience exactly the same ride.

It’s a challenging game where the winner is the one who stays on the longest.

The Triple Surf machine comes complete with:

  • Big Wave inflatable
  • 3 surfboards
  • 3 Low Profile motion base with pitch, roll & yaw (side to side) motion
  • 1 control console with 3 pre-set automatic programs. There are 2 LED clocks & a 10 speed manual joystick control
  • A 1.5hp. B-Air blower
  • A comprehensive five year warranty*


Meltdown TC Certified New Jersey

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