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Deluxe Mechanical Bull

Technical Specifications

Power Requirements

110-240 volts single phase drawing 10-16 amps

Operating Footprint

20’ x 20’ x 10' headroom / 6m. x 6m. x 3m. headroom

Total Weight of System

850lbs. / 386kg.

Shipping Dimensions

1 crate @ 62” x 62” x 57” x 1100lbs. / 155cm. x 155cm. x 145cm. x 499kg.

Deluxe Mechanical Bull

We took our best selling machine and made it better! The Deluxe Mechanical Rodeo Bull is perfect for those wild western themed parties.

The Deluxe Bull body looks like it has a hard fiberglass head, but it is in fact our unique Sofolex Soft Foam Safety head, a feature we innovated and brought to the market back in 2005.

Safety is paramount, so the Deluxe Mechanical Rodeo Bull is fitted with our unique Automatic Stop Sensor (ASS) as standard. As soon as the rider falls, the bull stops instantly.

What sets the Deluxe Mechanical Bull apart from the rest is the level of theming. The control console is housed in a wooden effect case designed to look like an old munitions box. There are six pre-set automatic competition levels, which are linked to two LED time clocks.

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Greenhorn (competition for beginners)
  • Cowboy (competition for experts)
  • Redneck Games (dedicated to this game)

Each one of the automatic rodeo bull programs is linked to the two LED digital time clocks giving the current time achieved, so both the operator and the rider can see how long the rider stayed on the bull. The Deluxe Bull has the additional feature of being able to record the “Best Time of the Day”, making competitions easier and more fun. The mechanical bull control console features a ten speed manual control joystick, two stop buttons and a switch that allows you to disable the spin element of the ride.

This all takes place on the attention-grabbing western corral themed inflatable cushion. If you had something different or special, then let us know and we can make you a custom bed.

The lightweight portable mechanical motion base for the mechanical rodeo bull only weighs 112kg. / 250lbs. and is very easy to move from job to job. It comes with 3 detachable wheels making pushing it into position a breeze! All of the equipment breaks down to make sure that the Galaxy mechanical rodeo bull is the most portable bull in the world!

A complete bull takes only 20 minutes (average speed) to completely set up. Visit our videos page to see a full set up, either by one person or two.

Deluxe Bull system comes complete with:

  • 16’ x 16’ (4.8 m. x 4.8 m.) themed inflatable
  • The bull body
  • The High Profile motion base with buck, roll & spin motion
  • The control console has 6 pre-set automatic programs, with a dedicated program for the Redneck Games. There are 2 LED clocks & a 10 speed manual joystick control
  • A 1.5hp. B-Air blower
  • A comprehensive five year warranty*


Meltdown TC Certified New Jersey

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