Family fun center owners who want to stay ahead of local competitors know one of the key parts of their business strategy is making use of every inch of floor space. The ability to add new attractions increases the chances of widening a customer base and attracting repeat customers. One area that sometimes can get overlooked is playground flooring and park add-ons.

Event centers can buy customized attractions such as inflatable parks, obstacle courses, and interactive action games. But park add-ons, including playground flooring options such as air courts and Parkour courses, can put the perfect finishing touches on what businesses offer customers.

Galaxy Multi Rides, a worldwide leader for decades in creating attractions, offers a wide variety of park attractions that will attract both new and loyal repeat customers. The following offers a glimpse of some of the possibilities.

Air Courts Provide a Multi-Purpose Crowd Magnet

Air courts started in gymnastics, where they are used to allow gymnasts to practice safely. That same design is used for family fun centers. Galaxy Multi Rides uses double wall drop stitch vinyl for its custom-built air courts. This vinyl consists of hundreds of thousands of threads that are looped and bonded in-between high performance vinyl.

What can you do with an air court? Some use this type of playground flooring to create basketball courts where bouncing up and dunking is doable for everyone, not just tall people! It can also be used as a safe tumbling area for kids of all ages. Another plus: it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Give Customers a Chance to Parkour Around

Parkour courts have grown in popularity in recent years. Parkour originated from military obstacle course training. It focuses on efficient movement and navigating obstacles by using surroundings creatively. Parkour involves a combination of running, jumping, climbing, swinging, vaulting, rolling and other movements to traverse obstacles and navigate complex terrain.

Event center owners can order customized parkour courses that provide customers a chance to run up ramps, jump long lengths, and launch themselves over pillars. They will get the chance to fulfill the philosophy of parkour, which focuses on adaptability, self-expression, and overcoming mental and physical obstacles. Even beginners will love it because of the safe but exciting challenges it offers.

Climbing Walls Give Kids a Quick Challenge to Conquer

A popular park add-on that provides a fast way for customers to challenge themselves is a climbing wall. Businesses can find climbing walls in a variety of shapes and sizes. With Galaxy Multi Rides, the inflatable Ninja Climbing Wall offers the chance to attempt the climb of three ramps at varying heights – seven feet, nine feet, or 11 feet. No matter what path kids choose, they end up at a platform where they can celebrate reaching the top by sliding back down.

This is a great use of space, as the design is compact enough to fit to one side of a larger attraction. It’s a great complement to other Ninja attractions, including incredible obstacle courses and even some motorized options.

Any of these popular park add-ons and playground flooring can increase the fun and excitement a fun center offers guests. For parents, it’s a welcome, safe place for their kids to play. And for kids – it’s pretty much playground heaven!