Standing out from the competition drives success in any area of business. For those who own a business or have a need to draw crowds, promotional rides can provide exactly the attention you need to become the best in your market.

Promotional rides can draw a lot of attention for your business. Offering a strategically branded, customized ride can build positive buzz about your business on social media, the internet and through old-fashioned “word of mouth.” That type of praise can bolster your business to a new level.

Forbes lists “come up with something new” as one of the best ways to drive business growth. Companies in a competitive market need to create new products and services, according to Forbes, because “all of these attention-grabbers help businesses stand out from the crowd.”

In the entertainment center business, the following certainly quality as “attention-grabbers” and excellent promotional rides.

Where Can You Find Promotional Rides?

Finding customized rides is easier now for business owners than in the past. Galaxy Multi Rides offer many choices for entrepreneurs who want to attract bigger crowds and more repeat business.

Custom Branded Rides

Categories include competitive rides, kids rides and inflatable games. All incorporate the latest design and safety features from a company with decades of experience creating entertainment for clients around the world.

In all the below categories, Galaxy Multi Rides offers custom branding that can create great press and social media opportunities. Clients also are backed with a customer service commitment that lasts long after your purchase.

To gain the benefits of a promotional ride, it’s simply a matter of choosing the one that works best for your customers. Some of the most popular categories include the following.

Competitive Rides

People of all ages like to compete, and family fun centers give them a great environment to do it safely. People want to run, jump, slide and crawl – they just want to do it in ways they have never done it before.

These rides now come in more configurations than ever, including obstacle courses with inflatable and mechanical elements. The Galaxy Ninja Warrior courses offer an obstacle course like nothing else, an exciting melding of adventure warrior obstacle courses and Action games. That should attract a crowd! So should the Adrenelator, a mechanical extreme action game that requires running up a 27-degree spring-based variable speed conveyor. Another surefire winner is a mechanical bull, especially since you can create a customized ride by replacing the bull with dozens of other choices (sharks, dolphins, pigs, beer cans and buffalo wings, to name just a few).

What is the Adrenelator®

Kids Rides

Kids love rides. Kids also get bored easily. That’s why it’s important to offer a customized ride unlike anything they will find anywhere else they go. Surf machines might appeal to your crowd, as will an obstacle course such as the Toxic Drop, where people climb higher as they go through the course. Many of the rides built by Galaxy are designed for kids, or have levels of play that are suitable for both adults and kids.

Inflatable Games

These are not your grandfather’s inflatables, unless your grandfather was a mad inventor ahead of his time. For example, the Big Wave Surf Inflatable game is exactly what it sounds like – a giant inflatable wave with a surf board that moves. Sure to attract a crowd, the mechanical surf board challenges new and returning customers to a fun game of balance and focus that can be customized according to the riders age/abilities.

Check Out The Surf Simulator Board Ride

Getting ahead of the competition means constantly evolving your business and offering customers something new and fun. Just take a casual look through the choices above and you’ll quickly see the number of amazing options for crowd-pleasing promotional rides.