It is once again summertime. Time for some great fun in the sun along with some awesome parties. So let’s add some fun action into the mix of summer activities. If you have ever dreamed of riding a rodeo bull, then why not try riding a mechanical bull! It is the safest and most fun way to go!

Galaxy has been making bull rides for over twenty years. Through the years, they have made many technological advances to make the rides safer and safer. One of the best safety features is that the Galaxy Multiride Bull immediately stops the ride as soon as the rider is thrown of the unit.

If you have a child under five and you are planning birthday party, try the Angus McRodeo bull ride for the little ones. This baby bull is too cute and too much fun to sit unused. Sofolex is used to keep everything soft. He also will have a corral to keep him from running off somewhere. This setup is perfect for a backyard party or an FEC that needs something for the smaller children. If a family entertainment center already has mechanical bull rides then Angus is the perfect complement!

Most bull riders enjoy competition and boy does Galaxy offer a competitive ride! Ride Off uses two mechanical bulls for two riders. Who will fall first? The winner will go on to challenge the next opponent. The competitiveness of this ride will keep players coming back again and again. Two corrals are included for the rides and these deluxe bull’s bodies are covered in real cow hide. The unit comes with one control panel although with the purchase of a second control panel you actually have two units that can be used separately!

If solo mechanical bull riding is all a person needs, then try the Premium Bull. This has a large colorful corral and a great electronic scoreboard. So, there is still competition, just not one on one at the same time. If you own an FEC or large venue and you want more interaction, just hook the scoreboard to a big screen so everyone can see it! The ASS or Automatic Stop System is included standard on all mechanical bull rides. As soon as the rider starts to fall, it stops immediately. An old style looking crate will house the console on this premium bull so everything blends in seamlessly to the ride theme.

So if dreaming of riding a bull in a Rodeo has your adrenaline pumping, then a mechanical bull ride is definitely the way to go. Just adding these to a theme park or a party will make you be the talk of the town. Everyone will want to visit and be gain bragging rights on who is the best mechanical bull rider around.

If you’re considering riding a bull, mechanical bull rides are the safest way to go. For more info on buying or renting your own mechanical rodeo bull, visit Galaxy Multirides / The Rodeo Bull Company.