Family fun centers can attract new customers and draw more repeat visits when they add thrill rides and games to their entertainment options. By including attractions like surf simulators and mechanical bulls in their adventure roster, business owners can draw a new crowd who will want to try to come back again and again to take on these challenges.

Galaxy Multi Rides provides these revenue-boosting rides and games as part of its industry-leading selection of innovative attractions. Designed by the Galaxy Multi Rides team of experts, these rides can be customized to fit the floor space and meet the needs of each individual business.

The following offers some of the categories where Galaxy Multi Rides offers exceptional thrill rides and games that will make your adventure roster the talk of your town.

Thrill Rides and Games From Galaxy Multi-Rides

With decades of experience, Galaxy Multi Rides offers its clients customized, unique entertainment attractions. While the business includes inflatable parks, the company also focuses on rides and games that will elevate any business’ adventure offerings.

Mechanical Bulls

Since 1990, Galaxy Multi Rides has stood as the pioneer in crafting cutting-edge, dependable, and secure mechanical bull systems and accessories. The company originated the “multi ride” concept, pushing design boundaries to develop new offerings that enhance clients’ profitability.

All of the various rides for the mechanical bull platform are built in the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States and United Kingdom. Galaxy Multi Rides has full control over the design, quality and safety of each product. They also offer a huge variety of rides on the mechanical bull platform, ranging from dolphins and sharks to a taco or chicken wing.

Interactive Action Games

Galaxy Multi Rides provides portable, thrilling entertainment with multiplayer interactive action games.  They give businesses the chance to give guests a truly unique experience as they take on attractions such as obstacle courses, inflatable racing challenges, custom trampoline park equipment and much more. Attractions include the Toxic Meltdown, Dizzy X, KAPOW and the Adrenalator.

Ninja Warrior

The collection of Galaxy Ninja attractions from Galaxy Multi Rides need to be seen to be believed. The company refers to the GALAXY NINJA™ Motorized Warrior Courses and Galaxy Ninja™ Mobile Warrior Trailer as “American Ninja Warrior meets Action TV game show.” Business owners have about a dozen different versions of these one-of-a-kind courses to choose from when finding the right entertainment for their venue.

Board Rides

Galaxy Multi Rides has made cutting-edge mechanical board rides since the company started. They continue to make some of the most innovative simulator board rides in the industry. They include variations of the surfboard ride as well as skating and snowboard simulators.

There’s a reason why Galaxy Multi Rides has the company’s innovative rides at parks around the world and continues to draw great testimonials from its clients. Choose from the company’s innovative collection of thrill rides and games and find what works best for your particular business and location.