Mechanical bulls remain a popular ride with customers, especially now that they come in so many varieties – you can ride a bucking shark or alligator as well as a traditional bull. Entertainment companies who want to offer this popular rental to customers can do so by following a few smart steps.

Finding a Mechanical Bull for Sale

The steps for finding a mechanical bull for sale include the following. It’s worth the effort for businesses who want to have this popular rental on hand.

What Space Do You Have?

The first planning step is determining the space available where you want to place your mechanical bull. Rides come in many sizes, including both the size of the bull and the inflatable corral that is provided when you buy the bull. The larger ones are often more elaborate in terms of the corral and the bull itself. Make sure you have the proper amount of space for the mechanical bull you want.

New or Used

If you’re looking for a new mechanical bull for sale, then you have many choices. Galaxy Multi Rides’ mechanical bulls include:

  • Premium Mechanical Bull
  • Deluxe Mechanical Bull
  • Regular Mechanical Bull
  • Double Mechanical Bull – Ride Off!

That last one is exactly what it sounds like – a ride that features two bulls so people can compete directly against one another.

Each version offers different levels of features. The premium mechanical bull, for example, offers eight preset competition levels and gives owners the chance to create their own custom ride program.

Quality and Safety

New mechanical bulls for sale have all the latest safety features and they are built to the highest standard of specifications. Galaxy builds all its machines at manufacturing facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom.

As for safety, Galaxy has developed its own safety features beyond those required in the industry. The company developed Sofolex, which is a soft foam used for the mechanical bull head. Each bull is designed to operate safely for riders at all skill & age levels.

Galaxy also equips its bulls with automatic sensors that stop the bull the second that a rider hits the inflatable safety floor. The company is recognized by all the major insurance companies as providing the safest mechanical bulls in the industry,

That same level of quality and safety applies to used mechanical bulls for sale. If you’re looking for a used mechanical bull, consider contacting us to see what we have available.

Caution About Knockoffs

Because of its popularity, the mechanical bull industry is filled with knock offs and imitators. In some businesses, that would be a mere annoyance. In the amusement ride business, it can prove dangerous. Buyers should especially be aware of issues surrounding mechanical bulls built in China. You can read all about the issues with those machines, including shocking video of one of these machines getting unpacked and put together.

They do not meet Galaxy Multi Rides’ standards for safety, to say the least.

At the very least, know who you are buying the machine from and check – thoroughly – the details of the warranty. Also, ensure that the company offers you financing options. At Galaxy, you have the option of managing your cash flow with your purchase – which will pay for itself quickly.

Keep these issues in mind when searching for a mechanical bull for sale. It will lead you to the best purchase possible and help you tap into this growing family entertainment market.