Electronic shooting games can be great fun and can make up part of a great night out. If you own any type of entertainment business and you haven’t considered electronic shooting games, then you are missing out on a lot of profit. The big question for many owners/operators though, is “Where do I find the best electronic shooting games”? And the answer is as simple as visiting the top mechanical bull manufacturer in the world. Galaxy Multirides (The Rodeo Bull Company) is well known for their mechanical bull multiride units. But many people don’t realize they have applied their expertise to manufacturing some of the best electronic shooting games on the market. Below are some of their game offerings.

Electronic Shooting Games AmbusyAmbush – This game involves sitting on a mechanical horse surrounded by inflatable wild-west objects and the rider has to shoot the ambushers that appear. The rider only has a limited amount of time to shoot the bad guys.

Similar to a mechanical bull, the horse is attached to a motion base. The desperadoes have sensors attached, one on the head and one on the body. A head shot is worth ten points and an accurate body shot is worth five points. The rider is armed with a Colt 45 and they have sixty seconds to build up as many points as possible from the rotating horse.

This electronic shooting game comes with a realistic looking model horse and the accessories, such as the saddle and pistol holder, also appear authentic. The electronic score board will display to onlookers the current rider’s score and also the highest score of the day.
Electronic Shooting Game Quick Draw McGrawQuick Draw McGraw – is an interactive pistol and rifle shooting game. This is regarded as one of the most authentic electronic shooting games on the market today. The player has become embroiled in a dispute with the fastest gun in the west and there is only one way to finish it.

The aim of the game is for the player to draw and fire their gun faster then their opponent. The player has to aim at the sheriff’s star on the opponent’s chest. This star has an infra-red sensor that registers when it has received an accurate hit. An electronic score board will display who the winner is and how quickly they drew and fired their gun. If the player wins they can play again and again until they lose and the number of wins will also be displayed on the board. The game is accompanied by two realistic gun belts, two replica pistols and also the sensor stars and the electronic board.

A wild west, three sided back drop comes with the game to create the cowboy theme. Cowboy clothing can also come with the game. This game is quite small so it is suited to smaller venues. This game works well placed next to a Rodeo bull.

Electronic Shooting Game Ok Corral Shooting GalleryAnother one of the popular shooting games available is the OK Corral shooting Gallery. Two players have to go up against the Clanton boys and they have to shoot as many of the enemy possible in a period of sixty seconds. An accurate hit means points and the players have to accrue as many points as possible. The players are armed with two replica Winchester rifles which contain infra red technology. Electronic targets appear but they can only be hit whilst they are lit up. This means that players need to be accurate and also fast. The game comes with sound effects, music and an electronic score board that shows current scores and the highest score of the day.

In a time when the economy is bad, party rental companies, family entertainment centers & other destination resorts need to do everything they can to boost profits. Electronic shooting games can definitely be the answer. The start up cost is low and ROI is high. What more can an owner look for in a product?

For the best Electronic Shooting Games visit Galaxy Multirides, the home of the best Mechanical Bucking Machine in the industry!