Jan 30, 2014  – Port Charlotte, FL

Introducing the Toxic Rampage

Robin Whincup, President of Galaxy Multi Rides announced today that Galaxy America launched their new innovative modular interactive obstacle course Toxic Rampage at IAAPA 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

Robin says, “The Toxic Rampage is the worlds first portable modular obstacle course that combines both electric mechanical & inflatable elements. Now anyone can live the dream of being a contestant on those TV extreme game shows at any type of event!”

Toxic Rampage is a brand new game and the result of over 18 months work to bring it to life. Operators are able to run up to 8 electric motion bases from one single phase power supply, from 120 volts to 240 volts,  which offers the ultimate challenge to the participants.

Designed for Thrills: The Ultimate Ride Experience

Toxic Rampage was designed to be whatever the owner chooses it to be!  This makes it perfect for a diverse type of events.   Multiple two lane modules that can be inter-connected in any configuration to suit the exact event requirements. All of the modules are 15’ x 15’ apart from Meltdown Mountain which is 25’ x 15 ’. Toxic Rampage can be configured to create a system that can be as a compact as a 30’ x 15’  up to the ultimate system that would be 130’ x 15’.

There are 4 modules that incorporate both inflatable & mechanical obstacle challenges and 4 modules with inflatable challenge’s. This is a ‘run through’ game, in which two players start and race through the game to see who gets to the end first. Once they have got through the second module the operator can start another pair of players, this allows a continuous flow of players making this a high capacity game, which can process 6 players every 70 seconds.

Robin goes on to say, “Galaxy has sold 5 systems to clients in the USA, Europe & the far East.  The company who bought the IAAPA show model has already recouped the purchase price in just 7 weeks.  We are thrilled with the response we’ve gotten from our newest product.  We believe it will be one of our most successful innovations so far.”

For more information visit https://galaxymultirides.com

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