Galaxy has something new for your Haunt & Corn Maze

Haunt and Corn Maze AttractionsIf you were lucky enough to make the HAA show in St. Louis this year, you probably got the chance to see our newest attractions… the Rodeo Spider, “Arachnid Attack” and the new Rodeo Pumpkin!

These are just two of the 56 different ride attachments that can be used on our motion system.   The Rodeo Bull is the most popular, however by changing out the ride attachment to a themed ride for a specific holiday time, or for a particular promotion, the Rodeo Bull multiride allows you to maximize the profit potential from your investment.

Galaxy designed these two pieces specifically for the Haunted House and Corn Maze Markets.  Since this is a new concept for many of these venues, here are suggestions on how to most profit from the rides.

Haunted House Attractions | Mechanical SpiderMost entertainment venues charge for the rides and  “Pay to Play”  can be extremely lucrative.   Most operators charge between $5-$10 per ride.   Even if you were to offer two rides for the money you would be able to process up to 50 riders per hour. Here’s a suggested scenario to help you calculate your ROI.

25 riders per hour @ $5 per ride = $125 per hour

Operating for say 6 hours a day = $750
Over 7 days = $5,250
For 4 weeks equates to an return of $21,000

Corn Maze Rides & AttractionsThis not only covers the original investment, but it will also cover the operating costs.   It’s easily possible to recoup the original investment in 4 weeks!   These are very conservative figures.  Many Galaxy customers charge up to $10 for 2 rides.   Many operators run competitions to keep riders coming back again and again.

All Galaxy systems have 6 preset automatic competition programs of varying degree of difficulty & speed, which are linked to two LED clocks.  If you run the programs in the same sequence at 8 second increments every rider will experience the same ride. The LED clocks record the time of each & every ride.   Every rider wants know how long they stayed on.  Of course some will fall off immediately and others can last much longer.  This competition type atmosphere is a guaranteed way of attracting customers to take part in the riding.  If you have a group of friends they are all going to try & be the best rider and  once the bar is raised there will always be another person who wants to raise it higher.

The best way to get riders hooked is to offer a prize. Galaxy recommends  that you offer a gift certificate that can be redeemed at the operator’s (or venue) location. A $25-$50 gift certificate gives the customer the perception of something of value, however it the cost will be negligible to the venue. The likelihood is that the customer will come back to your location to use the certificate and spend more!

For more information on how a mechanical spider or mechanical pumpkin can help you boost your Haunted House or Corn Maze business, give the experts at galaxy a call…941-697-0324 or visit their website: