Mechanical Bull Rides are as close as you can get to riding a real bull, without dealing with the Rodeo and dangerous 2,000 pound bull! Mechanical bulls (or Bucking Machines) are now a popular attraction at fairs and even local restaurants and pubs. These rides are also available for special events – a mechanical bull operator can come to your premises and setup a mechanical bull ride for your event.

Mechanical bull rides are safe and open to riders of all ages. The watchful operator controls the ride. The operator controls all of the mechanical bull’s movements and can tailor the ride to the participant’s skill level and physical ability. An experienced mechanical bull operator gives participants a challenging, yet fun ride that lasts about 30 seconds with lots of bucking and spinning. Riders will enjoy the unique experience of riding a bull without having to be worried about being injured by a 2,000 pound real bull. Experienced mechanical bull operators ensure that when a rider falls off the ride, that they fall to one side, avoiding injuries like twisted ankles, or a broken wrists – bull rides are a safe amusement ride for all physically capable riders. While an experienced operator makes a big difference, mechanical bull insurance provides peace of mind and can go a long way to helping operators boost their business.

Mechanical bull insurance covers not only the ride and rider, but also provides assurances about the mechanical bull operator. Mechanical bull insurance requires that the ride itself include a number of safety features – like a constant pressure air mat, rounded edges on the ride itself, and a variable speed-controlled system that the operator uses to control the mechanical bull. Riders usually must sign a waiver form before riding, and a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian covers participants under 18. The mechanical bull ride operator provides the waiver form and ensures that all riders sign the form before getting on to the ride. Mechanical bull insurance also assures that the mechanical bull ride operator is drug and alcohol free before and during the event, to ensure the best possible rider safety. Most Mechanical bull insurance requires that operators must receive and pass a certain level of training and testing to assure that the operator knows about the safe operation of the ride itself and conducts himself or herself in a safe and reassuring manner.

Bucking Machine insurance that offers minimal per-incident and aggregate coverage is available and covers the vast majority of operators. Some venues require a higher level of coverage to provide more peace of mind and to ensure the operator is committed to the rides safe operation. While more coverage is more expensive, the additional expense is paid back to you very quickly as a result more business that extra coverage brings with it. Mechanical bull operators with more insurance coverage can usually participate in more fairs and corporate events than those operators that have minimal mechanical bull insurance coverage.

Mechanical bull rides are fun and profitable entertainment attraction for fairs and corporate events. Boost your profitability with more mechanical bull insurance coverage.

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