Now there’s a thought…many of us spend a lot of time trying to think of the perfect business.  But it takes a real entrepreneur to come up with the idea of selling mechanical bull rides!  Although, if you have ever been to a party that offered a mechanical bull, (or mechanical bucking machine as it’s sometimes called) you can understand the excitement that’s generated by this fun attraction.

You can make money off your mechanical bull in two ways.  One is by selling rides at fairs and festivals and the second is by renting your bull to events & parties at a set rate.

They are both good…and many rodeo bull operators actually do both!

A mechanical bull is a great business investment but you need to do some homework before purchasing a mechanical bull.

  • Although you might think that you should get the same bucking machine the rodeo champions use, that’s not always the case.  If you’re renting a bull in the retail market, the safety features are the most important part of any purchase decision you make.  An amateur bull rider needs their ride to be a lot safer than a rodeo cowboy.  Do some homework to see what safety features are offered by different manufacturers.
  • The older mechanical bulls were hydraulic…and are harder to operate.  They’re also much harder to insure.  When choosing between electric and hydraulic systems, choosing electric is a no brainer.   They’re safer, easier to operate and if you choose the new multi-ride systems you can find a huge number of attachments that can change your bull to any number of themed rides.
  • You want to make sure there is a safety stop on your bucking machine.  When the rider falls off, the mechanical bull will automatically stop.  Also, although it’s quite rare for someone to flip over the head of the bull, you’ll want a bull with a soft head.  This avoids a lot of possible injuries….especially if you have younger players riding your bull.
  • An inflatable safety arena is an absolute must!  And it needs to be big enough that the rider won’t be flipped over the edge of the unit.  Also, some insurance companies require a specific inflatable size so make sure the manufacturer you choose has an inflatable base that is as large as the insurance requires.
  • If you’re wondering where to buy mechanical bull, you’ll find there are a lot of companies that make them.   You’re going to want to find one that has been in business a long time, offers all the important safety features, keeps parts stocked locally, is permitted to sell into your state and is approved by the mechanical bull insurance companies.
  • Keep in mind that cheapest is NOT always the best.  If you’re going to sell mechanical bull rides, you want a product that is consistent in its operation and that won’t let you down on a busy day.

Consider these points as you’re shopping and you’ll easily see where to buy one that best fits your needs.  And you’ll LOVE your new mechanical bull riding business business!

The Rodeo Bull Company is the manufacturer of the original Galaxy Multi-ride. Make sure to visit them for all the help you need to Sell Mechanical Bull Rides. Their variety of New & Used Mechanical Bulls will make it easy for you to find the perfect rodeo bull for your business.