Bachelorette parties have come a long way. They used to involve tea rooms and quiet evenings, but not anymore. A bachelorette party gets just as wild as guys have been known to get. Of course, it also can still be a tea party if you want – that’s sort of the point.

Plan The Perfect Bachelorette Party

The only limitations to a bachelorette party are your interests.

Looking for some ideas? Read on. They range from the traditional to the very, very non-traditional. And no, we’re not talking about Las Vegas.

A Luxe Weekend

An idea that is never going to be a bad one is to pack everyone off for a glam weekend at a spa. Think drinks, spa treatments, games, and maybe the beach if you can swing it. You can also skip the luxe part and go to a cabin in the woods if outdoor hikes are more your crowd’s thing.

Take a Wine Tour – Or a Distillery Tour

Drinking and bachelorette parties go together like, well, drinking and bachelor parties. Still, the ladies can do it with more class. Book a wine tour or, if you prefer drinking places that are less formal, think about touring a local distillery. Or even a brewery if you run with a crowd who prefer a good craft beer.

Moby Dick, The Mechanical Rodeo Penis

You can be forgiven for reading the above twice. Yes, the mechanical rodeo penis ride really does exist. And yes, there is really nothing else like it. If your goal is to have a bachelorette party that no one – no one – is going to forget, you just found the best party idea.


Yes, that word is overused. But with a bachelorette party, sometimes it makes sense to simply rent a cool luxury hotel or (if you live near the beach) a beach house. That keeps you close to home, saves everyone some cash while still giving you the chance to have a fun time. Think of it as a slumber party for grownups.

Thrill Rides

Of course, you can also go the other way. While others are hanging out in comfy chairs and having a few drinks, you can lead your group to a zipline, rock climb or whatever other kinds of thrills you’ve always wanted to experience but never did. And then, afterward, go find some comfy chairs and have a drink.

The Water

If you live near a beach or a lake, why not take advantage? You can enjoy some time sailing, hang gliding, or just sitting on the beach in the sunshine. Chances are you’ll also have the chance to see a band playing something that features steel drums.

Those are some ideas that can hopefully get the ideas flowing for all of you planning a bachelorette party. Whether you ride a mechanical rodeo penis or hike a mountain, the fun is entirely up to you.