Events can bring more patrons to your bar. Special attractions can do the same, and they don’t necessarily have to be tied to a certain holiday or big event. They provide a way to improve a bar and make it a more attractive destination.

That’s important because people have many choices when it comes to where to go out. Bars are everywhere, and each tries to have its own special vibe. You can create one of your own using inflatable entertainment that gives people fun things to do while they enjoy a drink.

The following looks at some of the bar entertainment options that can improve a bar. Any of these can make your bar more attractive to potential customers – and improve your bottom line.

Mechanical Bull

Ballys Mechanical BullThe mechanical bull has made a comeback in recent years. It’s also gone far beyond what you may remember if you haven’t thought about mechanical bulls since, say, you streamed “Urban Cowboy” on Netflix. Mechanical bulls now come in a wide variety of options where the bull is replaced by a shark, dolphin, donkey, hog, pig, football, buffalo, chicken wing, beer bottle, fruit slice, spider, zombie, and even Rudolph the reindeer.

There are also some adult versions that, depending on your target audience, might work perfectly.

Custom Promotional Rides

If you work through Galaxy Multi Rides, you also can order a custom promotional ride that is designed specifically for your bar. For example, rides have been created for Taco Bell and Jose Cuervo. These are typically also mechanical bull rides, with the bull replaced by a custom-designed ride that is unique to your bar. There’s no better way to not only entertain your customers but also separate yourself from the competition.


It’s important to note that all these ride attachments can be swapped out. So, if you want to have a bull most of the time but want to add a pumpkin for Halloween, you can do it. Same goes for Rudolph for Christmas and a football to use on Sunday during the NFL season.


While the mechanical bull is the most popular for bar entertainment, there are also interactive action games of all varieties that might work in a bar. Some require more space than others, which of course is a consideration. But you can find plenty of games to choose from that may work, depending on your target audience. They include midway games and inflatables.

Working with a professional entertainment company like Galaxy Multi Rides also gives you a partner who can do the work for you, and knows what works and what doesn’t based on decades of experience. Galaxy has clients worldwide and has seen the type of entertainment that can improve a bar and make it more profitable.