Finding a way to increase arcade revenue is a continuous issue for amusement business owners. Better marketing, outreach to potential customers and offering retail and food concessions can help. But businesses make the biggest impact and grow the most revenue by offering attractions no one else in the area offers.

Offering competitive challenges & unique rides that attract bigger crowds is the best play center improvement idea. That’s where an entertainment designer and manufacturer such as Galaxy Multi Rides can make a difference.

Attractions That Can Increase Revenue

The best way to increase arcade revenue is by expanding your customer base. When it comes to play centers, that means offering more attractions. The following looks at three attractions with the power to draw frequent and repeat customers.

Mechanical Bulls

Double Mechanical BullOffering customers the chance to ride a mechanical bull once happened mostly in big bars in Texas. Now, it’s something that kids and adults can enjoy in family fun centers around the world. Today’s innovative, reliable and safe mechanical bull systems have become big attractions and a serious play center improvement idea.

World Famous Mechanical Bulls

Galaxy Multi Rides has created mechanical bulls for decades and emphasizes creativity, safety and entertaining riders at all skill levels. Options include different inflatable areas around the bull and even a “double bull” ride where two people can ride side-by-side at the same time.

Multi Ride Attachment Options

Multi Ride Attachments

This is where your play center can really take off. The mechanical bull ride now comes with a huge variety of attachments that can turn your ride into whatever you want. These multi ride attachments include:

  • Sharks
  • Dolphins
  • Whales
  • Bears
  • Alligators
  • Footballs
  • Soccer balls
  • Surf boards
  • Skateboards
  • Snowboards
  • Spiders
  • Zombies
  • Reindeer
  • Jack O’Lantern

There are also some very fun adult options if it’s your job to host a bachelorette party. The point is, it’s easy for business owners to find the attachment they demand.


InflataParks combine all the great aspects of a fun center into one huge piece of entertainment. An inflatable theme park includes climbing walls, games, obstacle courses, slides and bounce houses – among a whole lot more. It’s another great way to draw in bigger crowds to your play center and make your amusement business the place to go for birthdays and special celebrations.

What Are InflataParks?

Other Ways To Increase Arcade Revenue

There are other play center improvement ideas that can drive more business. They include the following.

  • Email marketing. By getting customers to leave their emails when they visit, you can build a large email list that you can contact regularly to advertise special events or deals.
  • Social media. Every business today, especially one that requires a large number of customers, is smart to reach out to people via social media. Find the places your customers gather online, such as Facebook or Instagram, and establish a presence there.
  • Birthday parties. As mentioned above, this can be the result of offering great attractions. If you have the best entertainment, more parents will want to hold birthday parties for their kids at your business.
  • Retail. If you have the room, you can open a section of your business to sell retail items such as play equipment and boutique toys.
  • Food and drink. You’ll need special permits for this, but you can certainly make money off food services if you keep it simple.

These are just a few play center improvement ideas that can increase arcade revenue. As the old saying goes, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” Keep up with the competition and grow your revenue with a free consultation on how to improve your amusement business!

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