How To Rent A Mechanical Bull is a great way to make your event or party become a big hit with your guests! There are companies on the internet that off mechanical bulls so how do you decide? What questions should you ask? These are the main things to look out for when renting a mechanical bull.

  • Finding the bull
Have look at the usual resources, searching the internet is probably the best start, but there is also telephone directories. Another way that you should consider is by speaking to the manufacturer and see if they will be able to find someone in your area. Galaxy bulls have sold over 3500 machines worldwide so they should be able to find someone for your event.
You can fill out a rental form here
Try be as local as you can
  • Is the Bull safe?
This is an important question you should ask your operator. Who is the bull made by? The safest mechanical bull on the market today is the galaxy bull from the rodeo bull company. The safety features that come as standard are unrivaled and favored by the leading insurance companies, which leads us onto…
  • Is the operator insured?
You should never rent a bull that isn’t covered by insurance, the cost is not as high as it was 5 years ago so there is no excuse for no insurance. The main reason that a company may send out an uninsured bull is that they own a machine that the Insurance companies do not like. With all mechanical bulls from Galaxy America comes a waiver that details that while riding a bull is a fun and very safe activity, there is a risk as within anything in life. This is there to protect you and your operator
  • Mechanical Bull Operator
It is very rare, but I have heard about it – just make sure that your rental includes an experienced operator. Like i said it is very rare but happens
  • Is it legal???
Some states require strict testing of certain entertainment and mechanical rides, mechanical bulls fall into this category.
Mechanical Rodeo bulls from Galaxy America are the only bulls that are certified for all 50 states in the USA. No other company in the world can claim that. Other countries are more lenient but The Rodeo Bull Co bulls are certified in all the major markets covering the UK, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. If you have any doubts speak to your operator.
  • What to look for in an operator
Just because equipment is old does not mean it is unsafe, so here is a few things to look out for when finding an operator.
Are they professional? How do they answer the phone? Is there equipment clean? These may seem like obvious questions but lots of people to not ask them!