Many entrepreneurs decide to create a new indoor fun park because demand remains high, driven by families looking for ways to entertain their children and everyone looking for places to host parties. If you want to start an inflatable park business, you must focus on picking the right location, creating a business name, choosing entertainment options, getting permits and licenses, hiring good employees and marketing your business.

It’s a lot to keep straight, but it’s worthwhile. Indoor fun parks continue to open in cities across the country because of the demand for what they offer. To stand out, you need a smart business approach and a plan to start an inflatable park business that takes into account all the different issues involved.

Is An Inflatable Playground the Right Business For Me?

The following takes a high-level look at some of the major issues to consider.

Pick the Right Location

The old saying in real estate – that the three most important things are “location, location and location” – holds true when you start an inflatable park business. The sweet spot is to find a location that provides the space needed for your business, adequate parking, a safe and attractive neighborhood and room for growth. Don’t rush into this decision. It’s one of the most important you will make.

Create a Great Name

In businesses, picking the right name is extremely important. According to Inc., the name of a company “plays a monumental role in a brand’s growth and perception.” Choose one that conveys the image you want for the business and that also differs you from the competition.

Licenses and Permits

This will take some legwork on your part unless you hire someone to do it for you. Every state, county, city and town has its own guidelines for the permits you need to operate an indoor fun park. In addition to getting a local business license, you will also likely need a permit to operate amusement rides (which typically includes inflatables).

Choose Your Inflatable Entertainment

In this area, you will want to be creative and offer items no one else offers. Fortunately, the variety of options is better than ever. You can do an all-in-one InflataPark that offers the best inflatable entertainment in one gigantic inflatable park. You can also offer a variety of obstacle courses, slides and automated rides that go beyond what you can offer with an inflatable, such as thrill rides and mechanical bulls.

What is the Adrenelator®

Hire Employees

The number of employees will depend on the size of your operation, but you will at least need people to greet patrons and collect admission money at the door, operate rides, host special events such as birthday parties and operate food and drink stands. You will also need an accountant to oversee your books and perhaps an attorney to navigate the licensing process, both of which can be outsourced.

Advertising and Marketing

No one can come to your indoor fun park if they don’t know it’s there! You will want to set aside money to handle the advertising and marketing for your business. Make sure you pay special attention to social media, where you can often reach a large number of people at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. This includes building a website with content that will attract people interested in your business, as well as creating active and engaging Facebook and Instagram pages.

Custom Branded Rides

Starting a new business is the culmination of a dream for many people. If you want to start an inflatable park business, keeping the above in mind can help. Of all of them, perhaps the most important is selecting the right entertainment that can set you above the competition. Consulting with a professional ride manufacturer can steer you in the right direction.