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Below you will see links to view both the Galaxy Multi Rides 2022 Brochure and the Galaxy Inflatable Parks 2022 Brochure. Click/Tap on READ BROCHURE to be taken to out ISSUU site where we publish all of our printed materials

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Galaxy Multi Rides 2022 Brochure

Read the digital version of the Galaxy Multi Rides 2022 product brochure. Learn about of complete range of attractions designed to make you money.

Galaxy Inflatable Parks 2022 Brochure

View the digital Galaxy Inflatable Parks 2022 brochure. Learn about some of the many Inflatable Park projects we’ve installed across the globe and how we’re creating profitability through efficiency.

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No matter where your business is located, Galaxy Multi Rides is here to provide you quality customer service, industry leading warranties and custom entertainment solutions.

When you finance or buy commercial amusement equipment from us, you receive high quality parts manufactured to surpass top safety standards. The return on investment can quickly pay for your new entertainment equipment giving you an endless revenue stream for years to come. Let our sales team provide you customized pricing and information now!