Trampoline parks remain a hot business to own, but the competition for customers can get heated. To give your indoor trampoline park an edge on the competition, consider diversifying your entertainment options by adding alternative fun for kids, competitive attractions, custom rides no one has ever seen and marketing your business to the parents.

Any of these can help get your trampoline park more word-of-mouth business, the best kind there is. The key is giving your customers more than they expect – and hopefully something they have never seen before at a trampoline park.

Increase Trampoline Park Profits

The way to manage any business to success is to seek multiple revenue streams. Trampoline parks are no exception. If your indoor trampoline park focuses only on trampolines, you are missing out on other potential revenue sources.

Expansion with other entertainment options can help bolster your new customer traffic and keep loyal customers coming back. Consider the following if you want to improve your indoor trampoline park.

Other Rides For Kids

Some kids just might not enjoy jumping. For them, and for those who want a variety of choices, consider adding other rides. This can include inflatable slides or board rides that simulate skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. Both are contained in size and perfect for giving the kids something else to do.

Offer Competitive Trampoline Park Attractions

Both kids and adults like a little competition. The two entertainment options below can give you a competitive edge over the other trampoline park competition.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses

Some people want a challenge. The kind of people who love a trampoline park will also love the Galaxy Ninja Motorized Warrior Courses and Galaxy Ninja Mobile Warrior Trailer. The popularity of adventure warrior obstacle courses on television guarantees there will be fans among your customer base. These obstacle courses come in 11 different styles. Each offers unique challenges for your customers.

Mechanical Bulls

The purpose of riding a mechanical bull is to see how long you can stay on. Simple, right? But it gets more complex and fun when you start looking at the options available. You can get two bulls and have a side-by-side competition. You can set the bull to various levels, depending on the rider’s experience level. You can get small mechanical bulls built for kids. All of them are safe and offer trampoline park visitors a unique experience when they are ready to take a break from jumping.

Customize Your Entertainment

As noted above, you want to scope out the competition, then offer something they don’t have. That’s why it’s smart to look into getting a customized ride built specifically for your business. These custom promotional rides can include action games, inflatables, mechanical rides and inflatable theme parks built especially for your business.

Marketing to Parents

People mostly think about kids and families when they think of trampoline park customers. That’s smart, but it also pays to consider the adults. For the price of getting an instructor and clearing out some space for mats, you could add yoga or another type of fitness class at your trampoline park during the day while the kids are in school. The parents will thank you for the convenience – and give you a whole new loyal customer base.

Owning an indoor trampoline park is one of the best roads to success for those looking to run their own small business. The above ideas can put you ahead of the competition. Keep them in mind when making your indoor trampoline park the best in your city.