Deciding to run a party rental business is a smart move. It’s an industry that has grown in recent years as more people turn to event companies and party rental companies to support them in holding birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, religious and community events.

But there are always ways to improve your party rental business. Once you have established your company in a good location with a solid customer base, there are ways to take the business to the next level. They include the following.

Update Your Products

When it comes to party rental businesses, there is always something new and improved on the horizon. It’s an area that innovates and changes about as fast as technology does. That doesn’t mean you must jump on every fad. But when you see products that can elevate your current party rentals, it’s a good area to make a move. A great example of this are the many new multi ride attachments for mechanical bulls, including sharks, bears, pigs, slices of fruit, reindeer, corn on the cob, alligators, spiders and zombies (to name just a few).

Refurbish Old-Looking Rides

Some rides don’t need to be replaced, they simply need to be refurbished. Look into the cost of having older rides worked on to improve both their function and their appearance. For those with mechanical parts, you will want to have them serviced on a routine maintenance schedule, much like a car.

Add Products

In this area, you want to think about products you have heard others talking about, as well as what you have seen yourself. This can include everything from adding bread and butter items such as tables and chairs (which everyone needs for events) to cool new products such as Ninja courses, interactive games, InflataParks, board rides, and giant inflatables.

Products have come a long way. It’s always smart to keep up with the latest. Your competitors certainly will be.

Improve Marketing

As with any business, you must go to where the customers are to drive new business. That means taking advantage of all that technology offers in terms of marketing. Examples of ways to improve marketing onsite or through your website including the following.

  • Get emails from visitors to your site or your store and then send them a newsletter on the latest your party rental business is offering.
  • Establishing a presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram and use this as a method to directly contact consumers, letting them know about your latest offerings.
  • On your website, have articles written about the party rental business and offer information that helps customers as they work to make choices on what to rent for their event
  • Attend events in your area where potential customers gather, such as community events, and make sure to have a presence there. Face-to-face contact still works as well or better than digital channels


Take the time to network with customers at community events, as mentioned above. Nothing can help your business more than simply socializing with those in your community and finding out what it is they want in terms of party rentals. This means networking both online and offline.

Also, meet with people in related industries, such as wedding planners or event facility managers. Find out what’s hot in your area of the world in terms of party themes. Social media also offers these opportunities, but personal meetings – like an old-fashioned lunch! – can do wonders in establishing a strong network in your community.

These are some strategies to help you improve your party rental business. You’ve already established your presence. Now, it’s time to stand out from the competition and take it to a new level.