An air court allows trampoline park owners the opportunity to expand what they offer customers, including exciting new sports experiences.

Trampoline parks became the rage over the past few decades as people enjoyed the exhilarating, gravity-defying fun of interconnected trampolines spread out over a large indoor area. But as with all businesses that focus on entertainment, maintaining a competitive edge and attracting a wider range of visitors requires offering something new.

An air court can meet that goal, giving trampoline park owners a way to add new sporting experiences to their patrons. By incorporating air courts in established trampoline parks, they can boost customer engagement and drive business growth.

What Type of New Sporting Experiences Do Air Courts Offer?

Before considering the benefits of an air court, it’s important for park owners to know what they are getting with their investment in the new attraction. An air court, also known as a multi-purpose sports court, offers a versatile space for a wide range of sports and recreational activities.

Probably the best known is basketball. With the bounce provided by an air court, people can elevate and dunk with authority! An air court can also be used for a small-sided soccer game, allowing players to showcase their skills, practice passing and shooting, and engage in fast-paced, competitive matches.

An air court can be set up for volleyball matches, providing a safe and comfortable surface for players to bump, set, and spike the ball. The forgiving nature of the court’s surface reduces the impact on players’ joints. It can also be transformed into a badminton or tennis court, as well as for pickleball.

And while it’s not a traditional sport, dodgeball has become a popular activity. An air court provides an ideal space for dodgeball games, offering a safe and enclosed environment for players to dodge, throw, and catch balls.

Benefits of Incorporating an Air Court into a Trampoline Park

By integrating air courts into what they offer, a trampoline park owner can expand their activity options, providing visitors with a diverse range of experiences. It not only attracts new visitors but also keeps existing customers engaged and excited about returning to the park for different activities. The expanded activity options also can lead to longer visitor stays, positively impacting the park’s revenue.

An air court also caters to different age groups, attracting families and individuals of all ages. By integrating air courts, trampoline parks can cater to a wider range of age groups and skill levels. Children and adults alike can enjoy sports and games on the air courts, providing a wholesome experience for families and groups.

The inclusion of air courts enhances the park’s appeal and ensures that visitors of all ages find something enjoyable, creating a family-friendly and inclusive environment.

While bouncing on trampolines is the main attraction in trampoline parks, the integration of air courts allows visitors to engage in different physical activities beyond jumping, providing a more comprehensive and well-rounded experience. Visitors can alternate between bouncing on trampolines and enjoying sports and games on the air courts.

By broadening the range of activities available, trampoline parks can increase visitor satisfaction, encourage longer stays, and ultimately boost their business potential. The new sporting experiences offered by air courts give them more to offer their guests, and sets them apart from their trampoline park rivals.