We know it’s not what you immediately think about when discussing inflatable parks, family entertainment centers and trampoline parks  but jump socks are an important safety and revenue element to any attraction center.

The trampoline park industry popularized the use of grip socks and haven’t looked back since. These socks feature a rubber grip placed from the heel all the way through to the toe of the sock. The purpose of this grip is to stop guests from slipping and sliding on trampoline surfaces. Not only has this helped with safety but it has also been a huge revenue generator and created great brand awareness.

With the rise in popularity of Inflatable Parks, and more often than not, replacing trampoline parks (either fully or partially), a change in grip jump socks needed to follow.

Grip Socks for Inflatable Parks

Grip socks for Inflatable Parks should be from the midsole forward to the toes, leaving the heel with no grip.  We utilize a lot of slide elements in Galaxy Inflatable Parks. We need the heel to be able to slide without gripping.

Grip socks typically have silicone shapes attached on the sole of the sock. If someone was to use traditional trampoline park jump socks in an inflatable park, then a thin layer of silicone would be left on slide sheets.  Over time the silicone will build up and create a safety hazard on slides, as well as an eyesore.

Benefits of Providing Custom Socks to Your Guests

Here are the main benefits of providing custom jump socks for your guests


The silicone grips on the soul of the jump socks stop guests from slipping on the inflatable park while also providing extra grip to get up attractions like slides, climbing walls, warped walls and obstacle courses. Your staff can also easily identify guests that should not be on the attraction if they don’t have jump socks on. This is often overlooked as an important safety check.

Branding and Marketing

Jump socks are a great way to grow your brand and market your facility. We’ve seen clients offer multiple designs of that jump socks to create an collectible item for returning guests to collect. We often hear from Inflatable Park owners of kids wearing the socks to school or to other functions providing additional advertising for your facility.


Even before Covid-19, cleanliness has been an important topic for attraction park owners. Your park’s reputation hinges on how clean and tidy your facility is on a daily basis. Standard jump socks give you the assurance of clean socks being used on the equipment. Upgrade options like antimicrobial material keep your park clean and offer another easy marketing opportunity.

These are some of the reasons why attraction park owners should consider offering branded jump socks for customers at their inflatable park. It’s a smart step and keeps your park from suffering from the effects of traditional grip socks.