For those who own an amusement ride rentals business, the mechanical bull is a great option to offer clients. For clients who run entertainment centers, bucking machines are a surefire way to increase foot traffic, drive growth in their customer base and increase current customer loyalty. For those who plan events, it gives them something unique to offer attendees.

With the huge variety of attachments now available that feature something other than a bull, bucking machines have become even more popular.

Of course, rodeo bull riding remains one of the most popular events found at the rodeo. It’s an event that draws people back again and again. A lot of rodeo bull fans dream about facing the bull, but few get a chance to do it. With mechanical bulls, they can live out their dreams in a challenging but safe environment.

However, mechanical bucking machines now feature more than just bulls. Those running an amusement ride rental business can offer their customers rides themed around Halloween (like the Rodeo Spider), Christmas (like Rodeo Rudolph Reindeer), sports (the Rodeo Helmet, for example) and even food. And, of course, there are plenty of options for animals, including sharks, dolphins, hogs, buffalo, alligators and sheep (to name a few of many).

It’s a treasure trove of options for amusement ride rental business owners. But they need to do some homework before adding a bucking machine to their stable of rental options.

Bucking Machine Considerations for Amusement Ride Rentals Businesses

By doing some homework and making some comparison, business owners can determine what works best for their target client market.

Small Bucking Machines

For smaller budgets there is a bucking machine that will not break the bank. It comes with a standard body and rubber horns. The control console is a joystick with ten different speeds. It has an inflatable bed that is sixteen feet in diameter and a motion base that does 360 degree spins.

Regular Bucking Machines

The regular rodeo bull bucking machine is covered in real rawhide and has LED eyes that flash. The horns are made from soft safety foam to keep participants from getting hurt. These rides are fitted with the Galaxy Multi Ride Automatic Stop System. This system shuts the bull off as soon as the rider lets go of the rope that they use to hang on with.

Deluxe Bucking Machines

The deluxe mechanical bull system has a western-themed base and control console. This ride also stops as soon as the rider lets go of the rope. Safety is the name of the game and Galaxy Multi Rides ensures that they have it covered. The best mechanical bull rides give thrills and spills without serious injury to the riders.

Premiere Bucking Machines

The premiere bucking machine has a split rail fence design and electrical scoreboard which display current and best riding times. There are six completion level speeds. As with their other mechanical bulls, safety comes first, and this bull stops when the rope is let go.

Bucking Machines for Kids

A good bucking machine should be challenging enough for an adult, but still simple for younger riders. However, Galaxy Multi Rides also makes inflatable rubber mechanical bull rides that have the kids in mind. These rides are made especially for children under five years of age to enjoy. Keep in mind that these are only for children and can’t be used by teens and adults.

All of these rides are easy to assemble and break down so they can travel anywhere there is electricity available for use. For an amusement ride rental business, these bucking rides bring the rodeo to life for kids and adults.

Why Bucking Machines are Good for an Amusement Ride Rentals Business

Bucking machines can be advantageous for an amusement ride rentals business for several reasons.

Bucking machines offer a versatile entertainment suitable for various events and occasions. They work well at fairs, carnivals, corporate events and more, providing the rental business with a broad customer base that includes a diverse mixture of customers.

These rides also entertain people of different ages. From children to adults, everyone can enjoy the thrill of riding a mechanical bull, making it a family-friendly attraction that can attract a diverse range of customers.

For businesses that want to rent more rides for, bucking machines make a great choice for event planners who are constantly seeking unique and exciting entertainment options. A bucking machine adds an element of fun and excitement, making it a sought-after rental option for event planners and organizers.

An amusement ride rentals business that offers bucking machines also gains a competitive advantage. Not all rental companies may have this type of attraction, and having something unique can attract more customers looking for an exhilarating experience.

A great selling point for bucking machines is that they attract a crowd. They also offer people a memorable and shareable moment that they can capture with videos and photos – that translate into free publicity for clients through social media sharing.

Bucking machines can also boost the bottom line, giving an amusement ride rentals business another revenue stream. Customers may even choose to rent multiple rides or attractions for a more comprehensive entertainment package.

Incorporating bucking machines into an amusement ride rentals business can enhance its appeal, attract a wider customer base, and provide a unique and thrilling entertainment option for various events and occasions.

For more information on the best bucking machines for Mechanical Bull Rides, visit Galaxy Bulls & Multi-ride Machines.