Tips for Finding the Best Bucking Machine for Mechanical Bull Ride Rentals

Rodeo Bull riding is one of the most popular events found at the rodeo.  This event draws crowds back again and again.  A lot of rodeo bull fans dream about facing the bull but very few are actually going to act on it.  However, the thought of an alternate ride, like a mechanical bull riding machine is something most people would love!

You’ll need to do some homework though before starting a mechanical bull riding business.  Finding the right bucking machine takes some knowledge and careful deliberation on the buyer’s part.  Do some homework and compare everything you see, but you’ll probably find yourself back at the Galaxy Multiride site to get the most in depth info on starting or expanding your business.

For smaller budgets there is a bucking machine that will not break the bank. It comes with a standard body and rubber horns. The control console is a joystick with ten different speeds. It has an inflatable bed that is sixteen foot and a motion base that does 360 degree spins.

The regular rodeo bull bucking machine is covered in real rawhide and has LED eyes that flash. The horns are made from soft safety foam to keep participants from getting hurt.   These rides are fitted with the Galaxy Multiride Automatic Stop System. This system shuts the bull off as soon as the rider lets go of the rope that they use to hang on with.

The deluxe mechanical bull system has a western themed base and control console. This ride also stops as soon as the rider lets go of the rope. Safety is the name of the game and Galaxy makes sure that they have it covered. The best Mechanical bull rides give thrills and spills without serious injury to the riders.

Galaxy has a new premiere bucking machine that has a split rail fence design and electrical score board which display current and best riding times. There are six completion level speeds. As with their other mechanical bulls, safety comes first and this bull stops when the rope is let go.

A good bucking machine should be challenging enough for an adult, but still simple for younger riders.

But, Galaxy Multirides has not forgotten the little cowboys out there either. They make inflatable rubber mechanical bull rides that have the kids in mind. These rides are made especially for children under five years of age to enjoy.  Keep in mind though, that these are only for children and can’t be used by teens and adults.

All of these rides are easy to assemble and break down so they can travel anywhere there is electricity available for use. For a business or some backyard fun these bucking rides bring the rodeo to life for kids and adults.  If you’re looking for a profitable business, renting mechanical bulls is definitely the way to go.

For more information on the best bucking machines for Mechanical Bull Rides, visit Galaxy Bulls & Multi-ride Machines.