On a daily basis we get a least one / two phone calls from people all over the world that believe they have bought a Galaxy Mechanical Bull Sales.

Some of these calls are genuine and the caller is shocked when we tell them that the machine they have bought is over 10 years old.

“But it looks so good, and works great as well!”

Unfortunately not all of the phone calls end like this, more often than not we get phone calls where the customer has been sold a mechanical rodeo bull as a Galaxy, when the reality is that its a poor copy from China or Poland.

If you have any doubts about where your mechanical rodeo bull is from then please feel free to give us a call. I say this because we received and interesting piece this week.

A customer called up complaining about his second hand Galaxy machine, that the electronics were junk and the gear box was falling apart. In our rush to help this guy we sent out a new gear box and motor and tried to help him with the reinstall. Once this wasn’t working he decided to send the machine for us to repair. This is what arrived…

Galaxy Multirides

This is a slightly dismantled China mechanical bull, which has been having major problems with its motors and gearboxes. It looks similar to ours so much so that here is a photo of what our machine looks like and what the Chinese piece of junk looks like

Buy Mechanical Bull

As you can see the basic design and function has been ripped off, just not very well. But there are clear differences, so if you are ever unsure please give us a call. You can do some checks yourself.
What is the colour of the machine?
Does it have a serial number?
Where have you purchased the machine? Do your due diligence.

Which leads us onto the electronics, here is a image of a Galaxy mechanical rodeo bull deluxe console and a Chinese console. Please look out for the differences in the photo below. Make sure you are buying a galaxy mechanical bull by looking at the below image and checking these details.

Mechanical Bull Sales

Is the Galaxy logo on the console facia?
The joystick should be black
Check the power out / inlets
Does it have a Galaxy ID plate?

Rodeo Bull for Sale

Remember, when you want to buy a mechanical rodeo bull make sure you do your research of where your machine is manufactured and by whom.
We have been making the best mechanical bull for over 21 years now and continue to do so.

If you have any questions please contact us or visit our website

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