For entertainment and family center owners on the lookout for the latest entertainment to offer customers, an indoor adventure park can take their business to the next level. The key is to partner with a company that has years of success in creating parks that are popular with people around the world.

Galaxy Multi Rides is just such a company. For decades, they have specialized in creating innovative, versatile attractions for entertainment centers, parks and more. While they have become a worldwide leader in the industry, creating more than 60 different ride attachments, the experts at Galaxy Multi Rides continue to innovate and lead in creating memorable attractions, including indoor adventure parks.

What Is An Indoor Adventure Park?

Indoor adventure parks and inflatable parks offer customers a new and exciting entertainment option. These parks can be customized for each business by Galaxy Multi Rides, resulting in a truly original attraction. They’ve created parks in the United States, United Kingdom, and more than 20 countries worldwide. They have more than 6,500 customers worldwide.

An indoor adventure park is designed to provide a variety of recreational activities and adventures in an indoor setting. They offer a variety of attractions and activities suitable for people of different ages and fitness levels. At Galaxy Multi Rides, some of the options for an indoor adventure park include climbing walls, air courts, Ninja courses, laser mazes, bounce areas, obstacle courses, soft play areas, inflatable games, zip lines and much more.

Examples of parks created by Galaxy Multi Rides are available, from Jumpin Fun Inflatable Park in Sarasota, Air City 360 in Colorado Springs and We Are Vertigo in Northern Ireland.

Galaxy Multi Rides Offers Experience, Success

Businesses that work with Galaxy Multi Rides are not working with unproven newcomers. Attractions built by Galaxy Multi Rides, from mechanical bulls to inflatable parks,  are in entertainment centers around the world. The company’s goal is to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices. Galaxy Multi Rides also backs every product with a five-year manufacturing warranty.

Founder Robin Whincup began Galaxy Multi Rides in 1989 in England as a rental company for bouncy castles for children and adults. His Gillies Bull rental made good money, but it wasn’t practical. It took two hours to set up, with six men doing the job. Whincup had already designed and built a surf ride, which was lightweight and portable. By adding a spin motor, it could be used as a mechanical bull. He had invented his Multi Ride System!

He founded Galaxy Multi Rides in 1990 and sold his first mechanical bull in the United States in 1993. As the company timeline shows, Galaxy Multi Rides has grown rapidly ever since, becoming a world leader in entertainment attractions.

For those looking to take their adventure park to a new level, Galaxy Multi Rides offers them a steady, reliable and innovative creative partner. The company continues to make all its designs in-house. They also take steps to ensure that the installation process takes days, not weeks.