Operating a Nightclub or Bar Promotions can be tough in this economy. And one of the first things business owners tend to cut is the marketing budget. Unfortunately this should be one of the LAST things cut!

Advertising and Promotions bring people into the business. Galaxy Multirides has developed a way for a nightclub or bar to make money and advertise at the same time. They offer nightclub and bar promotions that work and  make you money at the same time.

Behold the mechanical bull multiride machine! This is NOT just a standard mechanical bull. The ride can be modified to be a mechanical shark, mechanical spider…even a mechanical taco. If your club has some good vendors, they might be willing sponsor a purchase of any ride with their image or logo on it.

Check out this ride done for “Shark Night 3d”

Or this one, done for Taco Bell:

Of course, your nightclub and bar promotion might be best done with an old fashioned mechanical bull. But let’s update it a bit and use the “BAD ASS BAR BULL”!

Another great thing about the multiride is that it’s portable. Want to promote your bull at a college event? The Galaxy Multiride can be easily set up in 15 minutes. So…if the business won’t come to you….you can go to the business.

For more information on Galaxy Multiride’s Nightclub & Bar Promotion Ideas, give the experts at Galaxy a call 941-697-0324