“The Titan Games,” the new NBC show hosted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, pits competitors against one another in contests of mental and physical strength. Each episode, one male and one female competitor win the round, moving on to the season’s finale in which all winners will compete against one another.

Every week, contestants end up competing on Mount Olympus, a massive obstacle course that features different “epic and insane” challenges, as The Rock calls them. Contestants are “everyday people” that The Rock and his staff picked. They come from many different walks of life. None are professional athletes.

On the show, The Rock said he wanted to give people the chance to “unlock their full potential.” Just watching the show, the contests are tough but very compelling.

They also look like a lot of fun. It might make you wonder: Is there a way I could offer customers something like that? Thankfully, there is. Entertainment rental companies can offer obstacle courses that can give you the chance to offer a Titan-like competition.

The Games of the Titan Games

The Rock designed every contest on “The Titan Games.” They include:

Hammering Ram: This involves swinging a sledgehammer to free a massive battering ram, which is then used to smash through giant wooden doors. It takes a lot of upper body strength.

Herculean Pull: First, contestants must remove two, 100-pound poles from a wooden wall. Then, they engage in a blind “tug of war” by pulling on a golden pole that is more than nine feet off the ground, meaning they can only use the wall for leverage.

Lunar Impact: Contestants climb up a ladder to a platform that is two stories high, then push against a metal ball with their opponent on the other side.

Cyclone: One of the most fun to watch as contestants attempt to knock over two-story pillars with a metal ball.

And those are just some of the preliminary events. The finale involves Mount Olympus, an obstacle courses that includes knocking over a 1,000-pound wall, pushing grates up hill and climbing over spinning drums.

And that’s just the first half. By the end, the winner must drag a steel ball across the ground with a chain, then use a sledgehammer to break through concrete and grab the trophy that, once it’s placed on the pedestal, makes them the winner. A very exhausted winner.

Your Own Titan Games

So, no one is going to set up something that elaborate – or get The Rock to host the contest!  However, entertainment companies can offer obstacle courses that go beyond the usual. It’s worth taking the time to find a local rental company that can offer you advanced courses.

An example of this is the Galaxy Ninja Motorized Warrior Course. Companies that partner with Galaxy Multi Rides can get a course customized to their business. Galaxy builds the courses in their own facilities in the United States and United Kingdom.

There are 10 different courses to choose from, each with its own set of obstacles. A good example is the Galaxy Hybrid Motorized Ninja Course A, which has eight different motorized obstacles, two inflatable elevated walkways, a floating platform, aluminum truss, trapeze steps and more.

You might not give your customers a shot to compete in front of millions on television, but courses like the Galaxy Ninja Motorized Warrior Courses will give customers a thrill – and a reason to return to your business again and again.