Mechanical bull business video marketing is a great way to raise the profile of your amusement rental company or family center. A mechanical bull is an exciting and visually engaging attraction. Using video to market the bull allows potential customers to see the bull in action, showcase its realistic movements and create a visual appeal that static images or text alone cannot achieve.

And it’s an inexpensive and easy thing to do. Many company owners are hesitant about getting in front of the camera. But in the mechanical bull business, the bull is the star, so you really don’t have to do much in front of the camera at all.

Business owners also have such a wide variety of attachments to choose for a mechanical bull that they can use video to market them for different times of years or special occasions. That’s another way the mechanical bull business video marketing can help expand your appeal and improve the bottom line.

Why Video Marketing Works for Mechanical Bull Businesses

In addition to the visual appeal of the ride itself, mechanical bull business video marketing works for a variety of reasons. One of the most important is that it offers a chance  to demonstrate the experience of riding a mechanical bull. By capturing the excitement, thrills and fun moments,  you can  convey the unique entertainment value your business offers.

Videos are highly shareable on social media platforms. Sharing entertaining or captivating videos related to your mechanical bull business increases brand awareness, helping you reach a broader audience and encourages people to share content with their networks. You can leverage platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to reach a younger, tech-savvy audience and generate buzz around your attraction.

Videos can also serve as a valuable educational tool, explaining how to safely ride the mechanical bull, showcasing different riding styles and highlighting any special features or events. This can help potential customers feel more comfortable and confident in trying out your attraction.

Tips for Mechanical Bull Business Video Marketing

Here are a few tips to help you create better videos and increase sales by using video marketing for your mechanical bull business. Remember, the goal is to get as many potential clients as possible to view your video and drive traffic back to your website.

Consider the Type of Video You Want to Make

If you look at the videos on our website or on our YouTube page, you’ll see quite a few different types of videos.  Some have Mike Whincup, Galaxy Multi Rides resident creative genius, in front of the camera. Some show specific types of rides and others show a combination of marketing methods.

You need to do what works for you. Taking a video with your phone and adding some music is fairly easy. However, with any type of video, you need to have a call to action. If your goal is to sell your services, you need to put the thought in the viewer’s head, “Call to rent our mechanical bull!”

Be Brief But Not Too Brief

Internet videos should be short and to the point. Since our goal is to convince people that the mechanical bull will be a huge hit for their event, then obviously that will be the focus of your video.   Web video viewers generally watch more than one video during their viewing time. So, keep your video to no longer than five minutes to ensure that it is watched in its entirety. However, we see a lot of companies make a 20-second video and that really isn’t long enough to attract many people. With mechanical bull business video marketing, try to have at least one minute of video at the minimum.

Using the Video to Sell Your Services

This is a little different than just taking a quick video. But with just a little work, your video can easily be used to sell your service. Sit down and make some quick notes on what you want to achieve with your video. Ideally, you can start with an Introduction page, then your video and finish with a few pages of bullet points about your services. If you’re comfortable in front of the camera, you can skip the pages and make your points yourself.

Be Engaging

If you’re in front of the camera, then engaging with your viewers virtually immediately draws them in and gets them interested. Ask questions. Encourage them to comment and interact with you in your videos. Consider which tone of voice you want to use as well when to deliver your message. Using the appropriate music in each video can also help capture the attention of your audience.

Don’t talk at your viewers, talk to your viewers. Remember to encourage them to comment at the end of each video.

Use Videos to Keep Clients Coming Back for More

If it’s OK with your clients, take some videos of the mechanical bull fun at their event. Upload the videos to your YouTube account and link the videos back to their website, as well as your site.

Upload Your Video Correctly

Speaking of uploading, there are a lot of video sites, although YouTube is a must for any marketer. But it’s not just about the video. Make sure to have a good title for your video. Add a description that includes a link back to your website. Also, use good keyword tags. Check out some competitor’s videos that have a lot of views and see what tags they are using. What kind of tags would you use to find other videos like yours? Be smart and don’t just add a tag that says “mechanical” and then “bull.” Use lots of interesting tags.

Classic Video Marketing Script Formula

There is a deceptively simple script you can use in each video to make sure you are getting your point across effectively and increase sales. The basic formula is to say what you’re going to say, say it, and review what you just said. Repetition is important.

Also, use a friendly tone of voice when going through each section of your script so that you do not appear obvious, and remain engaging throughout each video. Incorporate subtitles into each video that also highlight the main points so that viewers can both read and listen to your message at the same time. You may consider using a Word document or teleprompter when recording videos so that you remember the main points of your message if it isn’t being captured on slides.

By following each of these tips you should be able to create effective, engaging videos for your business that will attract more viewers. Video marketing does take some practice, but after a few times you will get increasingly comfortable with the process. Video is a wonderful medium because it can easily go viral and be incorporated into several social media sites, giving you more exposure and drawing more traffic to your website.

If you want some samples of our videos, visit our Galaxy YouTube channel.