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Every year we make the small trip across Florida to IAAPA’s adopted home Orlando for the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions Expo.

This is the week that week both dread and look forward to all year. A chance to show off our latest and greatest products, a time to meet new and old customers, as well as seeing the most recent innovations in our industry.

IAAPA Expo 2013 was always going to be a very special year with us taking over 5500 square feet of exhibition space, the most we have ever booked at any tradeshow. For those of you that have visited the Galaxy America booth at IAAPA over the years, you may have notice the size of the booth has steadily grown. At IAAPA Expo 2007 we took 400 square feet, now we are booking space ten times that amount!

The main reason of the size of the space we took at the show was the launch of four new games that we have been developing, Toxic Rampage, Meltdown, Meltdown Zone and Redneck Saloon Shootout.

At an impressive 100 feet long by 15 feet wide, Toxic Rampage really caught the attention of attendees and attracted a lot of buyers from all over the world. Toxic Rampage had a great debut, and we’re pleased to announce that there will be 3 Toxic Rampage’s out in the public domain by January 2014.

Without doubt the hit of the show for us was Meltdown, the eight player action game, with twenty different companies signing up to offer the attraction to their customers. Redneck Games built on its phenomenal record from IAAPA 2012 with strong sales figures, especially with the addition of Meltdown Zone to the Redneck Games family.

The whole month of November is a tough one for anyone exhibiting at IAAPA, and we are no exception. That is why we wanted to thank everyone for making IAAPA Expo 2013 our greatest show yet! To all new customers that have joined the Galaxy family to old friends that stopped by and said hello, a huge thank you. We honestly believe we have the greatest customers in the industry, as we cross all kinds of market segment lines.

Work has already begun on IAAPA Expo 2014 as we strive to improve and keep bringing out innovative exciting products for our customers. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog and our social media channels for the latest news and behind the scenes information.