Setting the record straight on Rip Off Report

When you do a search for our company there will be a lovely link to the Rip Off Report, or the half dozen that have appeared. This is the mischievous nature of one individual who wanted to cause problems for us, and apart from taking the time to write this blog entry he hasn’t succeeded.

Nathan Turnquist of Wisconsin was a customer of ours when we still based in the UK. He was very successful with his bull and a great advocate of our products (even standing on the booth at IAAPA 2008 in Orlando). Nathan moved down to Florida to start a rental company using Galaxy Multi Rides. When Nathan saw how well we were doing, he did his research about China made mechanical bulls and thought he would sell them himself.

What Nathan failed to do was to take our warnings that these are cheap below standard machines that will break down. We have learnt this from dozens of calls from people thinking they had bought a Galaxy but in fact were buying a cheap Chinese copy.
In his naivety Nathan thought that we were the only threat to him making hundreds of thousands of dollars selling Chinese mechanical Bulls, and although we are the largest manufacturer of mechanical rodeo multi rides, there are others.

So Nathan went out of his way to try and ruin our reputation by making posts on Rip Off Report on how our equipment is made in China, and that we do not honor and warranties etc etc
All of which is totally untrue, false and fabricated.

Look at the usernames he decided to use

1. His real name – Nathan T
2. Telling Robin (the owner) to F**k You with the user name furobin
3. Poking fun at me with – mike is upset
4. Finally believing that he is will outsell everyone with – my time now

As a company and as individuals we were not aware of Rip Off Report but having done our research we learn that it would take over $5000 to have Rip Off Report admit that this is false, even then they will not delete the post!

So when you are searching to buy a mechanical rodeo bull, or are doing your research on us as a company – make sure you get all the facts.

Call us and I will be able to put you in touch with 20 people straight away, then another 20 if you need them. As many people as you want to speak to!

Thanks for taking the time to read!