Every entertainment business is looking for that stellar rental that brings in a steady stream of customers because it combines unique fun with the ability to please a large group of people. The Toxic Meltdown fills that need, offering a one-of-a-kind rental that people love to use repeatedly because it’s always exciting and different every time you play.

The Toxic Meltdown is one of the most popular attractions made by Galaxy Multi Rides, a leader in creating innovative, memorable attractions for entertainment centers and parks around the world. It combines simple, exciting fun with an ability to entertain large groups at the same time, including those at corporate events, festivals and fundraisers. It’s a must-have attraction for adventure park owners who want to stand out from the competition.

What Is the Toxic Meltdown?

The Toxic Meltdown is the top-selling attraction made by Galaxy Multi Rides for the past five years. This adrenaline-pumping, eight-player action game takes the excitement up a notch from the four-player Log Slammer.

The Toxic Meltdown puts players’ stamina, agility and reflexes to the test. Two spinning boom arms relentlessly attempt to knock them off their podium. Will you duck underneath or defy gravity with a jump over the foam boom? Only the strongest remain standing.

This heart-pounding game is housed in a 30′ x 30′ (9.7m. x 9.7m.) octagon inflatable arena, equipped with eight removable podiums for participants. The vibrant green backdrop contrasts strikingly with the black, grey and yellow elements, creating a vivid toxic meltdown theme.

Take command of the action with a variable speed control on the console. Adjust the intensity of the automatic program to suit your preferences, making it as challenging or manageable as you desire. Toxic Meltdown guarantees hours of family fun. You can see it in action on the Galaxy Multi Rides YouTube channel.

Galaxy Multi Rides has enhanced Toxic Meltdown with an innovative, patent-pending sealed air sweeper system. This upgrade makes setup lighter, quicker and safer. And that’s not all – now you can maximize your investment by using the Toxic Meltdown motion base with our other thrilling action games, including Toxic Meltdown Junior, Toxic Meltdown Lite, Grand Slammer for eight players, Dizzy X, and KAPOW Lite!

What’s The Toxic Meltdown’s Return on Investment?

With a typical rental price of $1,500, the Toxic Meltdown could make a business $39,000 if it’s rented out just every other week. Even if it’s rented only half of that time – 13 times over the course of a year – it still would bring in $19,500.

It’s one of many options available from Galaxy Multi Rides, which has built or contributed to entertainment centers and inflatable parks in more than 20 different countries. The company, which has manufacturing faculties in both the United States and United Kingdom, has more than 6,500 customers around the world.

Other options for group fun include mechanical bull rides that come with a wide variety of attachments, from sharks and spiders to helmets, beer bottles and chicken wings. Other options include Galaxy Ninja Courses, interactive action games and inflatables.

For those who aspire to create an entertainment destination in their area unlike any other, Toxic Meltdown and other attractions from Galaxy Multi Rides can help them achieve their business goals.