The growth of the Trampoline Park industry has been spectacular over the last two years. I think most of us are familiar with the concept or have a local park close by? The ethos of trampoline parks is they offer a form of entertainment that offers fun, excitement and exercise for the whole family.

Trampoline Park Tips

With the explosion of trampoline parks and increased competition it becomes even more important to stand out from the crowd and distance yourself from competitors.
Here are a couple of ideas on how you can freshen up your Trampoline Park by adding some excitement and the WOW factor!

Trampoline Toxic Meltdown

We (Galaxy Multi Rides) have had tremendous success with our 8 player mechanical/inflatable sweeper game, Toxic Meltdown.

Over 400 systems have been sold worldwide with at least 100 of these have been installed in trampoline parks all over the world. Following the success of the inflatable version of the Toxic Meltdown sweeper action game, we have now innovated a Toxic Meltdown system that incorporates a trampoline system instead of the standard inflatable base we use now. The ever reliable, tried and tested motion and control system is used in conjunction with the 8 individual trampoline mats, the Trampoline Toxic Meltdown is both aesthetically complementary and maintains the core ethos of a Trampoline Park.


Who remembers the Gladiator TV show from the mid 1990’s, I dare say a fair few of us? The Gladiator show spawned several interactive inflatable games that have become a firm favorite within the party rental industry and consistently used for events. The latest innovation that has been inspired by that famous TV show is Adrenalator™. Developed by Galaxy Multi Rides, Adrenalator can be configured from one conveyor lane to multiple conveyor lanes.
The mobile dual lane trailer mounted Adrenalator™ was a huge success during its launch at the 2016 IAAPA convention.

“What goes up must come down”? The challenge is to run up the giant treadmill belts in a race against your competitor, the Adrenalator™ frame is raised to a 27 degree angle, once you have got to the top how do you get back down again? Adrenalator™ comes complete with either two inflatable exit slides or two fiberglass tube slides. The speed of the conveyors are variable so there is a level of difficulty to suit everyone’s ability.

Adrenalator™ can be used by anyone over 42″ tall, the trailer mounted system can be used anywhere at all kinds of locations and events. As a permanent fixed installation it is perfect for Family Entertainment Centers (FEC’s), Trampoline Parks, Adventure Parks, Theme Parks or any visitor attraction center.

Which direction to take?

It is always hard on making the right equipment purchasing decisions when making a trampoline park a success is at stake. Feel free to contact us for free advice and direction, as well as being manufacturers we have been owner operators of both Trampoline Parks, Family Entertainment Centers and mobile party rental. We’ve experienced both sides of this fantastic fun industry and know what to do but more importantly what not to do. We also know how profitable and rewarding this business can be.

Let us know how we can help add excitement to your Trampoline Park.